Animal-Friendly Hobbies for Couples

Lucky you – you’ve found someone amazing who shares your love of movies, has a great sense of humor, and adores animals.  If you’re running out of date night ideas and have explored every romantic outing, why not embark on some philanthropy as a couple, especially if it incorporate hobbies you already enjoy?  Here are some ideas on ways you can help out, all with the assistance of your partner:

1.) Photography: Overrun shelters and rescues oftentimes need help capturing quality photographs of their current animals available for adoption.  Are you or your partner a master of Instagram, or do you love to explain the ins and outs of aperture?  This could be a great fit for you, and it can easily make a difference in the number of animals being adopted.  Contact your shelter to see if you can offer your services, and share those cute faces on social networking sites to help find them homes.

2.) Cleaning: Sick of the clutter?  It’s so easy to accumulate too many things as a couple, so take the opportunity to clean house and provide needed items to local shelters and rescues.  Towels, blankets, newspapers, dishes, placemats, and more can all prove useful to these groups.  Give them a call, and see what they need.  You’ll help them out with supplies while making your home more organized.

3.) Cooking: Cutting out meat and/or animal products can liven up your meals together.  Jay-Z and Beyonce did it, so why not you?  Vegan and vegetarian takes on your favorite dishes can make pizza night far more interesting, and this lifestyle gives way to new culinary flavors and restaurant adventures.  Do it for the animals, for your health, or just to incorporate more produce into your dinners.  Either way, it’s beneficial – and tasty!

4.) Travel: Do the two of you love hitting the road?  Is traveling on your wish list, but you never seem to make it happen?  Many shelters and rescues need transports between their locations and other rescues or foster homes.  If you’re going out of town anyway, or if you’ve always wanted to see another part of the state, offer to transport an animal, even if it’s just a portion of the way.

5.) Arts and Crafts: If you both happen to love DIY projects (attention all Pinterest lovers and guys with tools,) then this is a fun project for you.  With a few items and some teamwork, you can easily build cold weather shelters or dog houses for stray animals in your community.  This is also a great test for relationships, much like Ikea purchases.  If you both love art, create some pieces together and donate them to an animal nonprofit to auction off or use to raise awareness.

6.) Computers: If you’re tech-savvy, offer to help rescues or shelters with their webpage design or social networking sites.  If you blog, write some articles about these community resources, or help them form blogs of their own.

7.) Socializing: I work in nursing homes in Kentucky, and I can assure you that most residents don’t get many visitors.  If you have a pet that has the right personality for this line of work, talk to an animal therapy group to start the process of getting your pet ready for volunteering.  We all know how comforting animal interaction is, so why not offer that to someone in need of comfort?  Consider offering these services to domestic violence shelters, foster kids, and hospice patients, too.  Don’t think only cats and dogs can do this work, either!  I’ve seen bunnies, pigs, and even turtles all doing their part!

8.) Sports: If you and your sweetheart love staying active, consider organizing and participating in a 5K to raise awareness on animal cruelty, or offer to walk the dogs at a local adoption event.  Perhaps even host a puppy “race” or kitten Superbowl to benefit your local Humane Society.  You’ll help charities in their efforts while having fun, and that’s a win-win.

9.) Staying in: Our animal shelters are full of dogs and cats that need forever homes, and rescue groups urgently need fosters for these animals in order to prevent euthanasia.  If you’re a homebody and have extra space to foster an animal temporarily, contact your local animal shelters and rescue groups.  What’s better than saving a life and getting to play with a new furry friend?

Enjoy these philanthropic hobbies as a couple, and know that together you’re making a difference in the lives of animals around you.

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