Can Food Make Every Student Relationship Better?

Rewind back to public school science class, when you learned the fundamental necessities of life. 

Our heads were filled with knowledge on how we as human beings require a constant supply of air, water and food to survive.  Sure, air and water are important, but to many of my kind the one vital requirement that really stands out is food. It may be that I’m an 18 year old male who sometimes thinks of his main passion as eating, but in the student realm food holds immense power.

Food makes us rich in fulfillment yet money broke, food brings friends together, food is the cause for daily celebration and can make any student relationship better.

Let me explain…

I’m not a renowned historian but I’m pretty sure that since the beginning of time, relationships have been instigated and have flourished because of food.

Cavemen and cavewomen bonded over nice moon-lit dinners of roasted squirrel and nuts. The Viking era consisted of quality time between lovers being shared during hearty feasts. Today, even going out for a coffee date will probably involve some sort of food. You get the point.

In the student realm, food still holds this position of utmost prominence in relations.

Pizza may represent the most versatile and influential relationship creator of all time. Hardly ever will a girl say no to a nice pizza date (especially if it’s with a nicer fella).  Simple gestures like ordering in or going for a nice stroll downtown to the pizza place will make any relationship thrive.

Everything’s just made so much easier with food.

Whether it’s your first date or twentieth date, if it involves food that you and your partner both enjoy then conversations will flow better, smiles will be brighter, your bellies more full of happiness and the more likely your connection will prosper.

If you live in a house with a working stove, oven, toaster, microwave or heating lamp then you can also participate in this relationship strengthening. By cooking meals together, or taking turns to prepare a nice spread for your significant other will be a fun time and bring you closer together (even if your cooking skills are next to none…KD is still food).

This brings us to residence life. There’s a beautiful thing that all students who have a meal plan will understand. With a simple rectangle of plastic, one can get immense amounts of food for what feels like a very little expense. Swipe, eat, and if it can easily involve a romantic aspect. Most meal plans can even be used all over campus and at some downtown restaurants. This creates an easy access to sustenance and therefore a simple way to pay for and go on dates.

In the world of higher education, nourishment can make any student relationship easier, better, and just that much more awesome. They say love does not need a reason…but it sure needs food.

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