Can You Find True Love Online?

Just ten years ago online dating was practically unheard of, and those who did know about it thought that it was a strange phenomenon for really ‘out there’ types or for desperate people who couldn’t get a date in ‘the normal way’.

How times have changed! Online dating is the norm now for busy, career-minded people, however it isn’t just the busy people who have jumped on the online dating train – oh no! Everyone from the widow next door to your Uncle Sam seem to be at it! The old and the young, men and woman from all walks of life, religions, races and backgrounds are doing it. Online dating has changed from something that only ‘lonely hearts’ would consider, to becoming a seriously mainstream way to date. Even the beautiful, successful people are doing it, right along with everybody else! Because we all realized just how convenient it is! In this online era it was a natural progression.

So what are the pros and cons of dating online and can you really expect to find true love this way? 

Well some of the pros are obvious. You get access to many more people than you would be able to meet by dating in any of the traditional ways. And yet this can also come with a sting in the tail, meaning that there are a lot of people who will be able to find you who you might not ordinarily like to connect with. Also there is a certain amount of ‘quick turnover’ that can happen with online dating, which if you are not prepared for it, can leave a person feeling quite disheartened. 

What do I mean by ‘quick turnover’? Well you might be talking with someone one day, only to have them completely disappear off the radar the next. This is quite common. You will send out e-mails that never get replied to and the likelihood is that you will have some you never reply to either. It’s far less personal than some of the traditional ways of dating and this bothers some people. I have noticed this seems to hit the older generation harder, as they are used to the more courteous practices of traditional dating, where for example you would tell someone if you didn’t want to date them again, and it just isn’t like that online (even if we think it should be). 

However if you can accept these little nuances, I think it can be a great tool for connecting with people, and yes even for finding love.

Of course there is something a little less romantic and more ‘formal’ about communicating via e-mail, however it can be a buzz to see what e-mails you get and chat with potential love interests. And of course if you get to the actual ‘in person’ dating phase, the romance can feature more easily then.

You also have to be prepared for the fact that you will probably meet many people who you will NOT fall in love with – in fact you may not even like them! Someone can post a great profile but when you meet them in the real world the connection just isn’t there. Also beware because there are some scammers online, people who are not genuine and are just out to try to scam your for money or personal details. There are not too common in my experience, but they are there in the mix. There are also people who are just ‘having fun’, people who are online looking for sex, and even some people who are married. However if you can handle this and not get de-motivated, then you certainly can meet someone online who is perfect for you, and whom once you meet up in real life, you can share real love with. I know of many successful couples who have met this way.

Just remember though, until you have met them in person it is not real.

So Real Life = Real Love.

And it is only once you take it offline and into real life that a true connection can develop into a loving relationship.

Have fun!

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