Dating a Younger Woman After Divorce Made Easy

Age disparity in sexual relationships is no more an uncommon phenomenon. However, people belonging to certain groups get involved in such relationships more often than others. For instance, according to a study published in Marriage and Family Review, divorced men are more likely to date and remarry women much younger than them.

Why most divorced men look to date younger women?

Psychologists talk about a number of factors that may push divorced men to look for women much younger than them for dating. The list below includes the most common ones among them.

– They find the carefree attitude of younger women more appealing.

– After a divorce, most men require a lot of time to recover; as they are already emotionally distressed, they prefer to date women with minimum emotional baggage. Younger women, due to less dating experience, generally carry less emotional baggage.

– Younger women are less likely to press men to settle down and have a family. They usually think more about the present than about the future; they love living in the moment. Having no agenda automatically makes dating more fun for divorced men.

– It’s much easier to impress younger women. Divorced men in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s typically have enough money to take their young partners to amazing places they (the girls) have never been to, buy them gifts they never dreamt of getting and solve their problems (which are usually silly ones) with great maturity. These actions are often enough to make a lasting impression on young women.

While all the factors discussed above have some role to play when a divorced man decides to date a woman much younger than him, there may be another practical reason behind such a choice of the man. There are men who start looking for younger women just because they can’t find anyone of their age group. Statistics reveal that most divorces in the United States take place when the man in the relationship is between 53 and 72 years of age; very few women belonging to this age group remain single.

Divorced? Dating a younger woman? Keep these things in mind

When dating a woman much younger than you, you should keep certain things in mind.

– Your partner knows that you are not the youngest chap around; so, don’t try to prove that you are one. Don’t wear colors that you are not comfortable in; don’t do things that are commonly done by guys of the present generation; don’t make attempts to show that you are still strong enough. These are usually big turnoffs for any woman, young or old.

– Treat your young partner in the same manner as you would have treated a woman of your age. If you become conscious about the age disparity, the relationship will not work.

– You can definitely buy gifts for the new woman in your life, but you should never overdo it. If you flash too much of cash, the woman might think that you are just trying to show off.

Relationship between an older man and a younger woman is as normal as any regular romantic relationship. So, if a divorced man looks to date someone much younger there’s nothing wrong in it.

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