How To Enjoy Your First Date

Too many times new couples overthink their first date. They play various scenarios in their heads about what could potentially happen and work themselves into a frenzy before they have actually gotten together. The main idea of getting to know the other person takes a back seat to the worry about whether or not they are making a good impression –  are they touching their face too much, talking too much, not talking enough, and on and on.

The first date should be a time of getting to know the other person and listening and responding to what they are saying. How can you listen to the other person when you are going over what you are going to say and what you are or are not doing while he or she is talking? If you think about it, you are actually spending your time focused on yourself and forgetting that the main focus should be on the other person. You spend all day with yourself; give yourself a break and spend time with someone else.

So, you need to get out of your head and focus on the present moment. What is he saying that you can relate to? What is she doing that you would like to know more about? Another good idea is to remember that this is his first date too, and he is most likely just as nervous as you. Did he forget to open the door for you? Or not pull your chair out? Does she just seem to be talking about herself and not asking you questions? When you see these instances from the perspective that the other person is nervous too, it is easy to let go and see where the rest of the night might lead.

If you are nervous about bad breath, keep some mints in your purse or pocket. It would be good to have some Kleenex or a handkerchief with you as well. You do not need to bring the whole medicine cabinet, but having a few things with you or close to you will help to put you more at ease.

The main point to all of this is to spend time with your date having fun and enjoying his or her company. Life happens and sometimes things do not go as planned. If you keep an open mind (and heart) you can roll with whatever occurs. This may be the first date of many. Relax and enjoy it!

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