Five Questions Online Daters are Tired of Hearing

In a world where more than a third of marriages start online, one would think dating over the Internet wouldn’t be such a hard concept to grasp.

However, some people are still baffled by starting a relationship online and not at the local bar scene or that awkward friend-of-a-friend set up.

This notion makes the old-fashioned curious, which makes them ask questions. Here are only a few we are ready to retire along with blind dates and single’s tables.

What if the person turns out to be a murderer? Then, that would suck. However, what if your significant other turns out to be a murderer? Or a weirdo? Or has some fetish with exotic fruits? That’s what dating is: hoping the other person isn’t a psycho.

Don’t you find it to be impersonal? Actually, this is one of the biggest misconceptions of online dating. When someone is behind a keyboard, they feel a lot less pressure, which lets them really open up. It’s the complete opposite of speed dating and by the time you meet face-to-face, all the small talk is for the birds! We have all the time to get down to the subjects that really matter and skipping the awkward banter.

What if they don’t look like their pictures? First of all, I can promise that when they meet me I won’t be beaming from ear to ear in perfect lighting, which is what my photo suggests I look like. That’s what photos are for. If they turn out to be barely the same person in their picture, I can only hope their personality matches the messages that drew me to meet them. If the person we’re interested in has lied about who they are, however, red flags will pop up everywhere.

Are you desperate? Not any more or less desperate than anyone else looking for love. Single people are all irritated, hopeful, impatient and frantic, aren’t we? The bottom line is: it’s not as easy to meet people out there anymore. It’s also not as easy to go to the mall, but that’s why we buy our clothes online!

Why won’t you just let me set you up with someone? Because blind dates are widely known as horrible. Just because our friends like someone, doesn’t mean we will and having a third party to disappoint in case of disaster makes everything worse.

How can you really get to know someone online? The same way I know all of my friend’s favorite Sex and the City episodes, my aunt’s mammogram results and my old professor’s natural birth plan. In this day and age, we share everything over the Internet. We keep in touch online, we rekindle online, we articulate every last uninteresting detail of our lives online; it’s only right we find love there too.

Isn’t it expensive? Not if you do it right. There is no real reason to have a million different profiles circling the web. Find a site that works for you, sign up and pay them. I promise it will all end up being cheaper than the new clothes you bought for going out, or the drinks you had to buy yourself waiting for someone to offer, etc..

Don’t you want to meet people the normal way? Absolutely. Wait. It’s 2014? This is the normal way!

Meeting people in person will never be struck off the menu. Just because we choose to date online does not mean we wear blinders to the rest of the world.

Whether our soul mate is a click away or a block away, we just want to fall madly in love. No question about it.

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