Five Tips On How To Approach A Blind Date

Dating can be a daunting experience. Blind dating can leave you out in the dark on a daunting experience. But there’s no need to shy away from the blind date experience. You never know who you might meet.

Trusted source – Who sets up your blind date can be key to your expectations. If a friend of yours has suggested the date, think about where this friend might be coming from. Ask why they want to set you up and what kind of a connection they think you’ll share on your date. This can be valuable background information to have when meeting someone new for the first time.

Casual location – a good location can make a blind date easy. Choose somewhere casual and fun where you both know what to expect. Casual places like cafes and restaurants are excellent for a blind date. There are short term options such as having a drink together and if all goes well, the date can be extended into a longer dinner date. Also, fun options are great. Activities such as mini golf or bowling can be fun and flirty without relying on too much one on one conversation. Do not choose common dating places such as movie theatre as you won’t get a chance to learn anything about each other.

Dress appropriately – Ladies will want to look stylish without having everything out on show. Something casual and comfortable and well groomed. Men will want to look casual but still stylish. Don’t make the mistake of wearing something you’re not comfortable in as this will show through in your mood on the date

Converse confidently – Be yourself and showcase the best of what makes you special. But don’t forget to ask lots of questions about your date, be interested in their life and create some positive connections. If you met through, show the best of your pet buddy as a common interest you may have. Highlight your interests and hobbies and leave any relationship history conversation at the door.

Have a positive outlook – Make sure to take your smiling self to the blind date. Be happy that you’re getting the chance to meet someone new and just go with the flow. The key to having a great date is to be happy and loveable, so be yourself and enjoy your blind date.

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