Five Ways To Get Back Your Ex.

So you messed up? Took him for granted? Didn’t show enough interest in their needs and the needs of your relationship? Lost the love of your life and you want him back? It is going to be a difficult road to get back into his trust but it is well worth it. After all, it isn’t every day that one meets the love of their life and they actually reciprocate their feelings. The long list of people going speed-dating, etc … is enough to show that what you found with this man is rare. But then you know all that already and are feeling downright terrible right now because you can’t hold them in your arms or talk to them. But all is not lost. You can at least try your hardest to get them back and the probability is that if there was a strong love there it will still be there on their side too. All you need to do is sweat it out like they are probably trying to make you and try your hardest to show them exactly what they mean to you. Here are just some ways in which you can do that guys and gals!

1. Explain Why You Treated Them The Way You Did

He is probably confused as to why you took them for granted or treated them badly. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to make up some elaborate story about why you did. It means to be honest. It could be that you were young, you didn’t realize what you had until it was gone or any number of reasons. No one is perfect and if they love you truly they will love you for all the things they hate about you too. But communication is often a major barrier in relationships. They need to understand why you did what you did. You do owe them that and they will appreciate your honesty and the fact that you were brave and mature enough to admit that you were wrong.

2. Stay In Contact With Them

Obviously, this is a difficult one because they might not want to stay in contact with you. And you have to respect that. But simply if you see them say hello and a few words. Show that you haven’t forgotten them. Show them that you care and that you want to spend time with them but that you respect that the ball is in their court now.

3. Tell Them You Are Sorry

It seems rather simple but it is often the most difficult thing in the world for a person to do. On the other side, there are people who say it far too often. You need to strike a balance here. It needs to be heartfelt and sincere. You need to show them that you truly are sorry for what you have done to them. For hurting them. And you need to prove to them that you regret it and that things will be different if they take you back this time. It can’t just be empty words. They will see through you straight away.

4. Show Them That You Have Changed

This doesn’t mean as a person because obviously there would be no sense in that. It was who you are as a person that made him fall in love with you in the first place after all. It means that you prove to them that you have changed in these negative aspects that drove you both apart in the first place. You need to show them that you can see where you went wrong now and that you have learned from it.

5. Fight For Him

One of the most romantic things you can do is fight for the man you love. You only fight for someone you love after all as opposed to like or fancy. And by you fighting for them and showing them that they are all that matters to you now you are proving how much you love them. Be honest with them. You feel like a massive part of your life is missing and that you are suffering immeasurably. Be prepared to put yourself on the line and don’t let your pride get in the way. No one wants to be left lonely with their pride intact.

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