For The Love of a Pet

I am a very calculated person. Everything I do is thoroughly planned, for everything I do is very strategic. When deciding that I wanted a pet, I carefully thought about the time commitment, financial costs along with the long-term relationship that we would have together. What I didn’t calculate was the way in which my cat, Beau would save me.


In my twenty-five years, I have been dealt a difficult life. In the midst of it all, my days seem brighter and more tolerable knowing that my cat is waiting for me at home. My loneliness is manageable as Beau provides a furry companion who is always ready to provide comfort with no judgment. The days with hour-long pets while cuddling and wiping away tears provides more relief and relaxation than I thought would be possible. The days with hour-long play sessions filled with laughter provides more joy than I thought would be possible. The love of a pet can truly be healing.


One of the reasons why I wanted a pet was to help with my ever-increasing motherly instinct. I knew that the love of my pet would help transform me into the mother that I want and need to be for my future children. Beau’s dependence has shown me the responsibility and sacrifice required to truly raise and help nurture another living being. In return, his unconditional affection has made me love deeper. It has shown me a love that I never knew was possible. The love of a pet can truly teach you the meaning of love.


My calculated effort in finding my pet led me on a three-hour car ride across the state of Michigan. Upon entering the rescue, one of the kittens came right over to me, laid down on my lap, and wouldn’t leave. I was claimed. From that day forward, my cat and I have had a unique bond. Beau is very friendly, almost dog-like but he is very telling about a person. Meeting most of my friends and suitors over the years, Beau has proven his ability again and again to correctly judge a person. I, in fact, now turn to him for clarity. The love of a pet can truly show the character and intension of others.


Coming from a broken home and having little to no relationship with my dad has led me to become closed-off. Because of this, when choosing my pet, I knew that it had to be male. The caring nature and affection that I have shown Beau has in turn led him to become a very loving cat. His reliance on me has shown me how vulnerable he truly is in this relationship. The love that Beau has shown me gives me hope, for he has inspired me to open up and become vulnerable. My cat has shown me that loving another person is always worth the risk. The love of a pet can truly provide hope.

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