How A Man’s Job Can Reveal His Romantic Personality

Okay, so you know how Astrology has been used for ages to assess personality traits and predict compatibility based upon the alignment of the planets?

…On things like when you were born and whether you’re a “water sign” or a “sun sign?”

Well, I’ve developed a similar system based upon a guy’s gig.

That’s right: his line of work may indicate whether or not the two of you will “work” in the dating and mating arena.

Though the system may not be extremely “scientific,” the validity is based upon extensive observation, contemplation, interpretation, interviews and spending time with a few documented field “rats.”

If you want to take some of the guess work out of who to successfully hook up with, with lasting results, read and heed.

WRITERS AND POETS (The artsy type)

Dating Writer

These individuals tend to be idealistic, romantic, and engaging. They see the proverbial glass as half full. They’re often great conversationalist, and really fun to hang out with. They’re the male version of your best friend. But beware: these “free spirits” can sometimes be commitment phobic and disappear.


Dating Teacher

If you’re dating a teacher, move to the head of the class.

Though there are some exceptions to the rule, men who teach are typically kind, patient, good with animals and children, and are a “quick study.” Add to this the fact that they are great multi-taskers with above average reasoning skills.


Dating Accountant

Men in this category are usually the conservative type. You can “count” on these cuties being detail oriented, punctual, and money pinchers as well. They have exacting standards. If you’re into the ambitious, straight-laced, practical type, you’ll find happiness here.


Dating Policeman

What female doesn’t like to be “rescued?” Guys in these fields are known to be brave, protective, authoritative, and caring.  And did I mention they’re usually in good physical condition? Most are very people oriented, with a sense of honor and responsibility.

You’ll find them to be “equal” partners in relationships.


Dating Computer Geek

You’ll click with these fellows if you’re logical, informed, introverted, and are good problem solvers; they are too.


Dating Unemployed

Let’s face it, we all know or have dated someone in this category.

His “job” is moonlighting as a couch potato.

Here’s the script.

He’s still trying to “find himself.” Or is always down on his luck. Or is still trying to pursue his dream of being a rock star at thirty. Right? If so, you may want to consider your options and “pink slip” him soon.


Decisions, decisions. What’s a girl to do?

Is it better to date a blue collar man or a white collar cutie?

Well, it all depends.

Here’s the 4-1-1.

Blue collar guys are often down to earth and good with their hands. They’re usually easy to be with, with egos in check. Comparatively, they’re generally more laid back.

White collar guys many times have greater earning potential, tend to be cerebral, and are great problem solvers.

Though these are not hard and fast rules, you’ll find them applicable to many dating situations. Whatever you do, choose wisely.

After all, love is important “business.”

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