How Love Can Keep You Out of Trouble?

The experience of falling in love is something everyone should have at least once in his/her life. The good thing is that there are very few people who are not privileged enough to have this wonderful experience.

While the journey of being in love is emotionally nourishing, there are many other factors that make having a love life extremely important. Love can really keep you out of trouble; read on to know how.

You will age slowly

What can be a bigger trouble than looking old? Love can stop you from falling prey to premature aging. Do you know about oxytocin (the romantics refer to it as the love hormone)? Love making results in increase in the level of oxytocin in human body. Oxytocin triggers production of DHEA, a hormone known for its anti-aging benefits.

Don’t you see how your skin glows after sex? Don’t you notice how energetic you feel the morning after? All these are because of the anti-aging benefits of DHEA.

Love teaches you to be confident

Zero or low confidence can only lead to one thing, a troubled life. It can stop you from getting the right job; it can prevent you from making yourself heard in times of need, and eventually force you to remain a lesser entity than what you deserve to be.

One of the best side effects of love is a boost in confidence. When you share a romantic relationship with someone often that person makes you feel like a superman/superwoman. Yes, your partner might criticize you for certain matters, but overall you always remain the best for him/her. This will automatically instate self-belief in you and make you a more confident person; and when you are confident half of your problems are solved.

Love can keep you away from drugs

There cannot be a better preventive measure or remedy for drug abuse than love. People in the United States are deeply troubled by growing rate of substance abuse; love can be the best solution to this problem.

Habits like substance abuse and heavy drinking are usually byproducts of depression. A happy marriage filled with love can keep depression at bay and can thus reduce one’s chances of succumbing to drug and alcohol abuse significantly.

Love prevents STDs

When you love someone, you not only expect him/her to be loyal to you, but also tend to avoid doing anything scratchy behind that person’s back. To put it more bluntly, people in love don’t shy away from putting extra effort to stay loyal and that’s primarily because they don’t want to hurt the person they love. But, how come that can be linked with STD prevention?

There’s a pretty strong link.

People in love due to their tryst with loyalty usually don’t fancy having multiple sex partners and this in turn reduces their chances of developing STDs. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

These were some of the troubles love can protect you from. If you want to know what more love can do, just fall in love.

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