How Planets Can Predict Your Love Destiny

In astrology, there is something called a natal chart. It’s basically a snapshot of the exact location in the zodiac all of the planets and other celestial bodies are at the moment of your birth from the location you were born. It’s like a map, laying out your personality and showing what you want/need in various aspects of your life. Everyone knows that Venus is the planet of love, and the sign she’s located in at your birth can give insight into what you need in love. What does your Venus say about you? (If you need to find your Venus sign, click here).

Venus in Aries: You need someone who can hold you interest, or you move on fast. They should match your passion, and be enthusiastic about life. You can attract many potential suitors, but you go through them quickly if you’re not focused on what you want. You have to get past the intense need to always have that brand-new feeling.

Venus in Taurus: You need someone stable and responsible. If they’re wild and erratic, you’re running the other way. You would like someone who spoils you a little with the finer things in life, and someone who can match your sensual nature. You take your time when choosing a partner, and demand total commitment. Watch for being too possessive or jealous.

Venus in Gemini: You need mental stimulation above all else. If you can’t have a good conversation with someone, you’ll wander. You need someone who is interesting, an intellectual type, but who is more grounded than you are so they can calm you and corral you. You could go for someone younger than yourself, or who acts younger than they are.

Venus in Cancer: You need an emotional connection with someone above all else. You want a partner who can open up to you emotionally, support and encourage you, but will also push you outside of your comfort zone. Relationships can get dull if you don’t take some chances with your partner every so often. Watch for the tendency for you to be a parent in the relationship.

Venus in Leo: You need to be the star in the relationship, so you want a partner who will give you the attention and praise you need. You can be a little selfish at times in love, but you are warm and passionate as well, and surprisingly loyal. You’d like love to be like something from your favorite romance novel or film, and are very romantic.

Venus in Virgo: You need someone who is practical and responsible, and who will let you take your time. You don’t want to rush when choosing someone to be with, and want to make sure it’s right first. You can be a little shy in love, and may need them to make the first move. You need a partner who can soothe your nerves when you worry about the relationship.

Venus in Libra: You need someone who takes commitment seriously, because you sure do. At the same time, you need to have a certain amount of space in a relationship to grow, and you want someone who understands that the relationship can always get better. You appreciate romance and chivalry, and want to be treated with respect and as an equal.

Venus in Scorpio: You need someone who is passionate but who can handle your intensity, because you can be overwhelming at times in love. You can smother or cling to your partner, act controlling or manipulate them, so it’s important for you to work on that before being with someone or you’ll push them away. You’re attracted to powerful people who seem strong.

Venus in Sagittarius: You need someone who’s adventurous, bold, and can laugh with you. You don’t take love too seriously, so you need someone who’s more practical with love, and won’t let you stray too much. You need a physical connection with someone, and need to remember an emotional one is important too. This position can show an eternal bachelor/bachelorette.

Venus in Capricorn: You need someone mature, responsible, and a bit traditional with love. You’re attracted to people who are successful, have achieved or are on their way to achieving a high status in life, and you can go for older partners. Since you’re so traditional, you could use someone who will bring some spice so the relationship doesn’t get stale.

Venus in Aquarius: You need someone who’s their own person, has a unique personality, and matches you intellectually. You like being friends with someone first, and feel that friendship is the perfect foundation for love. The problem is, you can have a hard time going beyond friendship, so you need someone who will open you up emotionally and bring the passion.

Venus in Pisces: You need someone who understands your emotional needs, will protect you when you feel vulnerable, and won’t take advantage of you. You’ll do anything for someone you love, and can be easily manipulated because of that. Being such a romantic at heart, you need someone more practical and grounded. You’re attracted to artistic types.

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