How to Approach Women If You Are Shy?

You are a shy guy and this drawback of yours has forced you to remain single all these years.

Does the above statement describe your situation? Are you looking for easy-to-execute, but effective ways to get rid of the problem? If yes, the discussion below should help you.

To overcome shyness, you will have to have faith in yourself and a culmination of several factors can help you to achieve that faith. Read on to know what exactly you should do.

Look confident

It’s true that one cannot change his or her appearance. As a result, a man cannot do anything about how attractive he looks, but he can surely do certain things to look more confident.

It’s understandable that you are failing to approach any woman because of your shyness, but one thing you must also understand is that no one else other than you (and probably a few people very close to you) knows that you are shy.

So, you can easily try to mingle with people without letting them understand that you are one of those reserved (read shy) men who have always stayed away from girls. This will make it easier for you to hide your bashfulness; once you manage to perform this cover-up successfully, you will automatically start feeling more confident.

To look confident you must also focus a bit on the way you dress. Avoid wearing clothes that will not allow you to stand out in the crowd. No, you will not need to wear those fluorescent trousers and bright colored shirt to be seen in the crowd. Just choose your clothes a bit sensibly; if you wear clothes that look good on you, you will automatically grab the attention of women around you.

Have realistic aims

Are you planning to woo the most popular and most attractive girl around? As a shy man, you should avoid trying that.

It’s true that your shyness will reduce significantly once you start to look more confident, but that doesn’t mean that you have become smart enough to entice the hottest girl around.

Any girl who is already popular and is known for being the most attractive one in her group is usually exceedingly confident. The confidence you gathered very recently will not be enough to approach such a girl; her confidence will break yours the moment you’ll approach her.

So, your aim should be finding a girl that suits your level; always avoid approaching women that intimidate you.

Don’t shy away from making eye contact

When you finally approach someone, don’t shy away from making eye contact. Women get wooed easily when a man looks into their eyes without any inhibition.

This is, however, probably the most difficult job a shy man can ever be asked to do; but, once the first hurdle i.e. approaching the woman is crossed you will have to put your best efforts to cross the next.

Making eye contact is much easier than what you are actually assuming. After making eye contact, try to maintain it for a few minutes; your initial nervousness will surely be gone.

The above tips should help you to come out of the shell of shyness. Other than following these tips, you can also work on improving your conversational skills and brushing your sense of humor.

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