How to be Date-Sexy Using Your Five Senses

The stereotype for a sexy woman is a pin-up girl with crazy curves clad only in a few pieces of garment.  However, there is more to being sexy than just baring skin and having the waist, breasts, and hips of a model.  When they say that what you feel becomes you, they are right.  If you feel ugly, your body tends to arch into a bow and your head may nod in an awkward way, probably trying to hide your face.  But when you feel that you are beautiful and sexy, your posture is better, you walk more confidently, and you tend to catch more attention.  So how does one become sexy before a date? Simple.  Let your five senses work for you.


As the saying goes “the eyes are the windows of the soul”.  Direct eye contact can be very powerful so better make sure your peepers are sexy enough to stare at.  Trim your eyebrows and remove any stray hair.  This way, your date won’t ever want to take his eyes off of yours.


If you want to be sexy, you have got to smell sexy.  Choosing a fragrance can be quite a challenge.  If you are at a store to test some fragrances, make sure you aren’t wearing any.  This way, you could truly take in the scents you try, thus, making it easier to decide on a fragrance.  Also, do not douse yourself with too much prior to a date.  Spray enough that your date would be able to pick up your scent from across the table, not across the room.


One of the popular aphrodisiacs is oyster.  More than its capability to increase sexual drive, certain types contain a lot of zinc, which is beneficial for people with oily skin.  Another sexy and romantic treat for your sense of taste are strawberries.  Not only is it a sexy fruit to eat with chocolate, it also helps whiten your teeth for a sexy smile that your date won’t be able to resist.


Music is a great way to set someone’s mood.  There are songs that make you go from “girl next door” to “sultry sex goddess”.  If you need an extra boost to give you enough confidence before meeting your date, listen to songs like “Naughty Girl” by Beyonce, “Buttons” by Pussycat Dolls, or anything that brings your inner goddess out.


More than a sexy body, it is important to have sexy skin.  Keeping your skin hydrated is crucial to keep it supple and soft to the touch.  Drink lots of water and always apply lotion after your bath.  There is nothing sexy about dry, chaffed skin.

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