How to Cope After a Break Up

Put away the Ben & Jerry’s. And the box of tissues. Because it is time to get out there and put your life back together. It isn’t going to be like some miraculous romantic film where you instantly get over someone and move on to the next in the blink of an eye. But by getting out there and keeping your mind active you won’t think as much about the break-up and over time the feelings will fade and that invisible thread that is latching onto your heart will break with the help of the following three options:

Keep Busy

Whether it is your job or voluntary work or a mixture of both or college or work experience, keep focused on that. Remember that these things are for your future and don’t let some break-up get in the way even though it can feel very difficult at the time not to. Also you could possibly take an evening class. Just don’t wear yourself out in the process. Only take on what you’re able for!


Talk it out with people you care about. While putting on a stiff upper lip to the outside world there is no shame in breaking down and letting your feelings on the break-up vulnerably flow out to family and friends. This will clear your mind and your head of those tears that are bursting to get out whether you know it or not. So many people try to cope with a break-up on their own and it’s not healthy. By talking to people who love you about what is hurting you in turn you will be able to take on the world with a much brighter sense of ease and brighter eyes.


I know that sometimes it can be difficult to have fun when you’re hurting. But try your hardest to push through it because it will be worth it in the end. Go out (when you’re not broke!) and enjoy yourself with family or friends in the pub, at concerts or musicals, etc … Leave your problems at home. Keep yourself interested and happy with hobbies such as reading, listening to music and watching TV. Don’t let yourself lose been the person you are because once you do it can be a tough road back to where you were. Take your time with finding new love. Don’t feel under pressure by anyone to do so. In your own time, let love in.

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