How To Date – Old School Style

Value addition is taking over almost everything, from that plain mango juice which now contains added calcium, to the grocery store which sells products that has been made with improved formulas. Yet, there are those who still prefer old school, even when it comes to relationships?

However, can vintage relationship advice still hold water in new-age mantras? Is it as precious as gold? Let’s find out.

Keep chivalry alive

Ask any couple, who has been in a long and successful relationship about what made them click and they will most likely mention the respect that they have maintained for each other. Just because women fight for equality every day, does not mean that they are also fighting chivalry. A woman would still love to be in a relationship with a gentleman who pulls out the chair or even opens the door for them. Doing this for the woman shows respect and it is something that should be continued even after marriage.

Don’t sleep angry

Couples who have had an argument should always try to sort it out calmly before calling it a night. However, before one can sort out the issues, it is necessary to calm down first, as attempting to find a solution in a tempered-up state would only worsen the situation. They should also remember that the argument happened with someone they are in love with and whom they respect, so its important to resolve the matter amicably.

Keep the fire burning

When two people start dating, they make an effort to ensure that every moment feels special, showered with love and affection . For relationships to last longer, however, couples should work hard to maintain the same level of commitment. All relationships have ups and downs, which is quite normal. However, they should never let the relationship take back seat. They should continue the relationship in the same breath as before, because that it is something that kept them together at that time and can still keep them together in times to come.

Try not to let a day pass by without sharing a special compliment. It could be a compliment on how your partner looks, how they smell or even how much they are appreciated. Tell them that they are more precious than gold. The most important thing is for one to be sincere with their compliments. It is these little things that make the relationship worthwhile. This advice might be vintage , but it works wonders for all current relationships.

Share a goodbye kiss

As much as sharing a goodbye kiss may sound so simple and insignificant for a couple enjoying their relationship, it means a lot and leaves behind a lot of warmth. Sharing a goodbye kiss is one of the best ways to show how affectionate one can be with their partner. Furthermore, doing this everyday helps to strengthen the relationship, as it reflects the love they feel for each other.

Take meals together

Taking meals together helps to keep the bond between couples strong and mature. Avoid situations where one partner eats at the dining room, while the other one is at the sitting room, watching television. This is not healthy for the growth of any relationship. Taking meals together gives a couple a chance to chat. However, take note that the chat should make the meal an enjoyable one, which means topics that cause friction and arguments should be avoided. The essence of taking meals together is to relax, so choose fun topics to chat about.

Maintain an attractive appearance at all times

One should always be ready to go an extra mile by improving their appearance, so as to look good for their partner. Okay, so maybe donning themselves in a suit or a cocktail dress might not sound comfortable at all, but keeping themselves clean, good-looking and well-put together is imperative. It doesn’t take too much effort to look good for one’s partner, especially if this will help in strengthening the relationship, as each of the partners will be able to keep their passion for each other alive.

There is no better way to prove that old is gold than through these relationship advises. Gold is a precious metal and very valuable. In the same breath, these vintage advises are very valuable to current relationships. Therefore, it is important for anyone who is in a relationship to practice these tips and keep the spark alive forever.

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