How to Date Someone From the Dog Park

Imagine this, you are throwing the frisbee with your furry friend at the local dog park and you notice your potential soul mate in the distance. What do you do now? From first introductions to sealing the deal for a date, we have compiled some tips on how to date someone from the dog park.

Tip #1: Teach Your Dog an Endearing Trick

While it’s safe to say that everyone at the dog parks loves dogs, there is something to be had for a dog that knows an awe-worthy trick. By using an inconspicuous command, you can teach your dog a trick that not only conveys your personalities but will charm others.

Tip #2: Let Your Dog Play with the Other Dogs

Showing that your dog not only likes other dogs but enjoys playing with them makes you that much more approachable. Plus if you do hit it off, your dogs will potentially be living under the same roof and no one wants to bring in a dog who doesn’t get along with others. The key is to get your dogs to be friends first.

Tip #3: Start with a Casual Conversation

Whether it’s a beautiful day out or the fact that both of your dogs are playing with one another, strike up a casual conversation. It is during this conversation, you will get to learn more about this person. Start off slow and see where it leads.

Tip #4: Exchange Phone Numbers for a Doggy Date

Once you’ve talked a few different times, ask when they usually come to the dog park. Then suggest that you exchange numbers to coordinate a doggy date. This initial date won’t be as intimidating as it is focused around your dogs.

Tip #5: Extend a Date Invitation – Sans Dogs

Once you know that they are interested, ask them out on a dinner date. Meeting in a more intimate setting sans dogs will lead to even deeper conversation and hopefully that will lead to something more.
With these tips, you now know exactly what to do the next time you see that cutie at the dog park.

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