How To Date While Unemployed

We live in a world where unemployment is high in so many countries all around the globe. And yet even with this quite universal problem in the lives of people there sadly still exists an ignorance and prejudice towards people who are out of work especially those who have been out of work for a while. And this prejudice and lack of understanding can be a huge problem when it comes to the world of dating.

Impressing is a keyword in the world of dating after all and that is what we are all trying to do in one way or another on a date whether it is by using our natural wit, dressing a particular way, or talking about our employment history but the trouble with this in our current economic climate is that we will get people who think we are “Spongers” or “Lazy” because we may not have had the luck they have had in finding a job. They will argue of course that they worked hard to get the job but the point is so have you so it does come down to the luck of whether the employer thinks you are the right candidate or not. No more than that. Just one person’s opinion.

I was unemployed for four years in the harsh economic climate that is Ireland right now and I was terrified of telling anyone I liked that I was unemployed for fear of what they would think of me. But despite our fears, there are people out there who do understand what the world is like. I remember telling a guy that I loved that I had been unemployed for four years and he was really cool with it. In fact, he never even batted an eyelid about it and that was one of the many reasons why I fell in love with him. He was kind, understanding and he wasn’t judgemental.

Of course, not all guys are like this and I wish for all men and women out there that they were. I met a guy I liked and I overheard him talking about unemployed people in an unflattering way. You know the usual snobbish comments like “Sponger”. So the truth is while we like to think the good-looking ones will always be non-judgemental it isn’t always true. And it is difficult when they are so fit they almost melt their skinny jeans!

If you fall in love with someone who has a particular prejudiced opinion about unemployed people and you yourself are or have been unemployed it can be a very complex situation to find one’s self in. But you have to remember to respect yourself. The fact that you are or were unemployed is only a part of you. It does not define you. There is no failure in it as long as you know that you are trying your best.

When I got my course it helped me to feel a lot more comfortable in situations where I would have to state what I do but when you have been a long time unemployed that feeling of will ask what I was doing before that does still haunt you and the truth is that it shouldn’t.

You need to go into that date with your head held high. He might have a job. You may not. He might have worked all his life, you may have not. It means nothing. He is just a man and you are just a man or woman and you have as much right to say what you like and to act how you like (Provided it is polite of course!) and to feel just as important as he does because I’m telling you that Mister and Missus you are!

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