How To Get Over Online Dating Bumps

The most common misconception of online dating is the fact that people still perceive it as being a dangerous social activity. How many times have well-meaning (and often happily attached) friends gasped in horror when told about the online matchmaking site that you’ve just signed up on? “What if you meet a dodgy person?”, “Is it safe at all?” and “All your private information will be available for everyone in the world to see!” are famous questions and comments that one typically receives when making the announcement that they are about to give online dating sites a go. While it is true that there are murky dangers to online dating, it would be an untruth to say that it would be more dangerous than, say, picking up someone from a bar. In fact, recent statistics show that in 2013, 17% of married couples initially met online.

Obviously, online dating is a formula that works well for certain types of people. Those who have found success on these sites have previously been unable to meet eligible partners due to a number of reasons. Like everything else, though, this is not a fail-safe method to land your significant other. However, if you have exhausted most avenues in your search for happiness, online dating is an option as good as any other. First-time users might be slightly overwhelmed by the vastness of online dating. First off, there is no point in spreading yourself too thinly. Sure, it is a very simple matter of posting up a picture or two, writing a few lines that best showcase your personality, press Enter, and wish for the best. On the other hand, it would be better to conduct a little research and find out more about the different types of online dating sites that are available. It would also be a good idea to get more information about sites that have a clientele that is geographically appealing.

When signing up on different sites, do not forget to read the fine print. Yes, these sites are hugely popular with soaring success rates. Still, it never hurts to find out about the cost of monthly membership fees. Some sites are known to charge additional fees in order for you to gain access to wider membership profiles while others might have extra costs for successful matchups. Always remember that these sites are businesses that are providing a service to you. It’s definitely a good service but you still do not want to be caught paying more than you really have to. There are many decent sites available to you which do not cost a bomb.

Most people who were lucky enough to meet their significant others through dating sites only did so with effort and patience. Remember that this is not a failsafe method of hooking up with someone. Just like in life, meeting potential partners are a result of time, luck, and persistence. As such, do not feel disheartened if you fail to land a date after your first month of signing up for this dating service. Rome was not built in a day and neither will your relationship. Take the time to go through other people’s personalities and connect with those whom you feel appeal to you the most. Nothing might happen but at the very least you know you’ve made the first step.

If you’ve had the opportunity to “meet” someone you like online and then successfully secured a date, don’t put too much pressure on this encounter. Like all other first dates, this will probably be a harrowing encounter. Still, think back to all the dates you’ve had in the past. Surely your favorite ones were those where you were able to let your hair down and enjoy yourself with minimum expectations. A general rule of thumb would be to let a family member or close friend know the time and place of your meeting as well. Chances are your date wouldn’t lead to anything dangerous but it always pays to play it safe.

First-time users of online dating sites might very well find it a scary experience. One positive way to look at it would be that it’s simply one of the most effective and useful dating tools of the modern age. Remember that most of the site members signed up for the same aim as yourself: to look for love. So loosen those shoulders, write down that profile and start on your online dating journey!

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