How to Kiss in 5 Easy Steps

Kissing is an act of intimacy and when done correctly and with the right person, it can lead to chest-pounding, jaw-dropping magic. While this may sound intimidating, it is not. By following this easy step-by-step guide, you will soon be on your way to seeing fireworks.

Step 1: Initiating a Kiss
Timing is everything. By dropping subtle hints, you can get kissed without coming out and saying it. Communication for a kiss can include: getting caught briefly looking at your date’s lips, slightly parting your own lips, smiling with occasional lip biting as you gaze into your date’s eyes, or making your mouth kissable with lip gloss/chap stick and minty fresh breath. Of course, once you have been with your partner for a while, other signs and feelings will help you to know when the right time is to kiss them.

Step 2: Setting the Mood
Leaning in for a kiss is even sexier when a compliment is given. Saying “you are so beautiful/handsome” in an intimate way can help amp up the passion. By lowering the volume and tone of your voice as you lock eyes tells your date that you have deep feelings for them while also enticing them to move closer to you.

Step 3: Breaking the Kissing Barrier
Whether this is your first kiss, first kiss with a new partner, or you are slightly nervous about kissing, breaking the kissing barrier will not only help calm those nerves but it will show your romantic intentions. Instead of going in for the big kiss, lean in for a hug and kiss your date’s cheek. The key to this step is placement. Make your feelings and intentions clear by placing the kiss close to the ear or mouth while lingering for a few seconds. Whispering something flirty into their ear while your lips linger is another way to help break the kissing barrier.

Step 4: Going in for the Kiss
Keep the kiss simple. Too much passion in the first kiss can be a turn-off. With your lips softly parted, either plant a straightforward kiss or gently lock lips with your date. In this step, it is also important to follow your dates lead. Pay attention to how your date responds and moves during the kiss. If they lean in or linger, you may be able to move into a more passionate kiss. If not, end the kiss by pulling back, opening up your eyes to make eye contact, and smiling.

Step 5: Post-Kiss Bliss
This is the honeymoon stage of the kissing process. If you enjoyed the kiss show your partner through hand holding and smiling. If you are going to continuing kissing, make sure to maintain your physical contact. You can also switch up your kissing style through angle of approach, speed and length of kiss, kiss firmness and intensity, and lip positioning. If you are done kissing for a while, simply stare into each other’s eyes and enjoy the moment.

While this is hopefully the first of many kisses for you and your date, it is important to revel in the feelings of this moment. Let the twinkle sparkle in your eyes, keep smiling, and give in to the “you’re on top of the world” feeling.

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