How To Kiss Via Zodiac Sign


When you first kiss a Libra, don’t make a scene of it. They don’t like anything too public, unless it’s a little peck. When you kiss them, hold them close and touch their back, which is their most sensitive area. Like Virgo, this sign knows how to kiss well, so make sure you know what you’re doing before launching.


When you first kiss a Scorpio, look into their eyes before you do it. Keep your stare intense, and hold it for a few beats. It’ll turn them on in a big way. The kiss itself should be passionate, but controlled. Pull away before they get too far into it so they keep wanting more.


When you first kiss a Sagittarius, make it playful. This sign doesn’t like to take anything too seriously, even kissing, so make it like it was when you were some high school kid making out in the back of a car. Actually, they’d be really into that if you’re up for it.


When you first kiss a Capricorn, it might be a good idea to tell them first, or even ask for permission. They want you to show them some respect. Don’t kiss them in public, and don’t make it sloppy or wild. Keep it simple, and don’t push them into it if they don’t want to.


When you first kiss an Aquarius, break out some new techniques. This sign is experimental, and they’ve tried it all. If you can trill them with something they’ve never done before, they’ll be shivering with excitement. You don’t want to kiss them in public though, as they absolutely loathe public displays of affection.


When you first kiss a Pisces, you want to keep it sweet. The first kiss could even be on their hand or cheek instead of their lips. They’ll melt with how romantic that would be. You don’t want to be too passionate, sloppy, or rush into it.  They can get wild ideas in their heads if you rush.

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