How to Make Long-Distance Relationships Work

When Cupid’s arrow has struck the right spot, even distance is no match for love. Conventional relationships allow parties to see each other almost every day or at the very least during the weekends when everyone is off work. 

Not so much for long-distance relationships. 

Wondering what’s a long-distance relationship? A long-distance relationship could be when two partners in a relationship are in different physical locations so that they don’t see each other as often as they would like. 

In most cases, partners might be in two different countries or continents. Although not impossible, long-distance relationships can present quite a challenge to two loving hearts. The only way a couple can survive a long-distance relationship is to stay connected emotionally. For as long as that emotional connection is there, hope abounds. Here are a few tips that can help a couple enjoy their long-distance relationship and keep their love connection strong.

1. Have a solid plan on how to be together

For two people who love each other and want to be together, long-distance can be the hurdle that they need to overcome in order to be together. The distance can come about as a result of work commitments or one partner going for studies abroad. In some cases, one might have been on a trip to a foreign land and ended up finding ‘the one’ but since they have to come back home, a long-distance romance ensues. 

The circumstance under which long-distance love happens can be varied. What remains a constant however is a simple fact that long-distance romance can’t be sustained forever. And for that reason, a couple in such a situation needs to have some sort of plan to ultimately be together and eliminate the distance. They should have a reasonable defined timeline to which they adhere and plan to be together. When a plan and defined timeline is there, then it just becomes a question of enduring the distance but knowing the end is in sight. Planning is powerful and will invigorate the relationship despite the temporary distance. 

2. Communicate often

Communication in a relationship is vital even in a normal relationship where the love birds see each other several times a week. Communication is even more important in long-distance relationships because it allows one to have proximity. Just hearing the other person’s voice, how they are and what’s going on with them whether in their work or school life can be enough sometimes. The mundane things mean so much more in a long-distance relationship.

3. Don’t call too often

Oftentimes, some partners may feel the need to overcome date distance with too many frequent calls. But the truth is it does not help either party or can leave the initiator feeling exhausted within a short period of time. Give each other space and call often but not too frequently. Communication today can be through a text message in the morning and another at night. 

4. Lay down the boundaries 

A long-distance couple should be candid with each other in regard to where they stand and their level of commitment to each other. For instance, if they’re dating each other exclusively then that should be communicated and not assumed. For the sake of integrity, a couple should know what the other appreciate or would not appreciate. If one is going for a night out with a friend, let the partner know in advance so they feel reassured as opposed to them finding out through other channels such pictures on social media from mutual friends.

5. Plan to see each other at the earliest

Make a plan on when to see each other next. The thought and knowledge of seeing each other soon are really powerful and will keep the couple emotionally attached to each other as they look forward to that month and date when they can see the other, speak face to face and share a meal together. Knowing when one will be able to see the one they love will strengthen the bond between the two and help them rise above the despair that will often afflict a long-distance relationship.

6. Have long phone call or Skype sessions

One of the most difficult things about long-distance relationships is not being able to have those long conversations that are often taken for granted. Romantic moments like walking on a Sunday afternoon at the park and talking about anything and everything can become quickly forgotten. In a long-distance relationship, the couple will find it therapeutic instead to have long uninterrupted conversions where they can unburden their hearts to each other, laugh, cry and just be. This can be on the phone or Skype at least once a week at a time when both parties are relaxed and have plenty of time for each other.

7. Write to each other

Over and above the phone calls, text messages and Skype, take some time to write to each other. This just spices up the communication between the two. If one has never written a physical love letter to a partner, then this is a good time as any. Write to him or her love letters on both email and snail-mail. When in a long-distance relationship, one would be surprised how precious a physical letter from one’s love can be.


Long-distance relationships can endure and survive only if the couple is absolutely honest with each other on their commitment level for one other. Then they have a good chance of rising above the challenge of distance. All the above-mentioned tips will serve to keep their connection, love, and friendship alive as they navigate how to eventually be together and build a future.

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