How to Talk Dirty in a Relationship

We have all seen couples talk dirty in movies, TV and even read it in books but does it even work? And more importantly, should you introduce dirty talk into your relationship?

Contrary to popular belief, when talking dirty you don’t have to say anything weird or out there in order to get the desired effect. By following the below tips, you can add zest to your relationship and sex life while still being you.

Adding Spice: Just like spices add flavor to cooking, dirty talking adds flavor to relationships. However, you do need to be careful as too much dirty talk, just like too much spice, will get boring and can even ruin your relationship. To add excitement and fun, try using it sparingly that way it will be exciting and unexpected every time you do talk dirty to your partner.

Stay Comfortable: The most important tip is to do and say what you are comfortable with. Whether it’s explicit or subtle, if you are too uncomfortable saying it then it will most likely sound awkward too. And to be perfectly honest, there are few things worse than awkward dirty talk.

Be Subtle: Explicit, nasty, sexy, and graphic dirty talk is great for the bedroom as it can lead to passionate sex. But if you are subtle when talking dirty, you will find that it will create a strong desired effect as it creates sexual tension in addition to making your partner constantly think about you. Being subtle, in fact, can actually be more powerful than explicit when talking dirty.

Another important factor about subtle dirty talk is that you can do it just about anywhere. From a party to hanging out with friends to being at work, a simple “I wish these other people weren’t around as I have some fun things in mind that I want to do to you”, will leave your partner wondering about what exactly you do have in mind.

Explicit, bedroom talk: While this tip is the exact opposite from the above, graphic dirty talk will make sex hotter, more exciting, and more passionate – exactly what anyone would want in the bedroom. Don’t let the word explicit steer you away from this playful, sexy bedroom talk. Simply getting caught up in the moment and stating what you feel like “you feel so good inside of me”, will not only turn your partner on but will massage egos as well. If you still feel nervous or awkward, more intense “hmm”, “yeah”, and “oh god” also provide the same effect.

Erotica: Probably the easiest tip is to read erotica or romance novels. Not only will they expand your dirty talking repertoire but will give you many ideas for situations, role play, and lines in addition to leaving you turned especially after you finish reading a steamy scene.

Whether you have been with your partner for a few months or ten years, talking dirty can invigorate and excite, adding a whole new level to your relationship.

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