Love in 7 Easy Steps

Falling in love is one of the most magical feelings in the world. Filled with pure bliss and contentment, being in love with the right person makes you feel as if you can conquer anything. When we truly love a person, experiencing both joy and sorrow is real proof of the sincerity and closeness of the relationship. While love is complicated, below we have outlined what love is and how to achieve lasting love in 7 easy steps.

Step #1: The One
Your soul mate is waiting to be found. Most of the time, you know right away when you meet your other half, for your two souls connect and you will feel as if you have known them forever. When you have found this, it is important to concentrate only on the positives. Looking for flaws in your partner will only lead to heartache. Learn to embrace every aspect of your partner and in return, you will receive everlasting loyalty and love.

Step #2: Cater to your partner’s needs
In any relationship it is important that your needs are balanced with your partners. Most of the time you will be on the same page but there will be some scenarios and times when your needs are different. It is important to put yourself in your partner’s shoes to make sure that all of their needs are met.

Step #3: Listen to your partner
Listening to someone you love is the best way to learn who they are in addition to how to meet their needs. It will also help you to feel connected to your partner, understand where they are in personal struggles, support them in times of need, and discover different ways to help and make them smile. As human beings, we are constantly learning and growing which is why listening is important to keeping your love strong.

Step #4: Appreciate your partner
Sincerely appreciating all the good things about your partner and the positive things that they do will help strengthen your bond. Focusing on the good makes it easier to let other things go, ignore distractions of disagreement, and to accept the task of living up to your partners expectations.

Step #5: Spend time with your partner
Planning time to spend together is crucial to grow as a couple. By spending time together, you will get to share your thoughts, feelings, and problems. With this shared time, your bond will deepen forming a close friendship in addition to a romantic relationship. The key to everlasting love is to become the very best of friends.

Step #6: Be kind to your partner
If you think of something nice, say it to your partner. Kindness is a rare yet powerfully romantic characteristic. While it takes vulnerability to be kind, meanness eventually eats away at a partnership while kindness is nurturing.

Step #7: Keep the romance alive
A romantic trip or gesture is not only the perfect surprise but the experience helps to keep things alive and passionate. Experiencing something new together will help to uncover new and exciting things about each other.

While falling in love is exciting, it is also important to realize that the passion and intensity is not the same as intimacy. Love takes courage and work, and it is the combination of many different aspects that makes love strong. But once love reaches that solid level, it becomes unwavering support through thick and thin, and it is a connection that can truly never be broken.

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