On the Rebound – Is online dating the right way to go?

If you have recently gone through a breakup, is online dating the right way to rebound? Starting out in the dating world after a relationship sometimes is not easy. Being on the rebound is hard, but these tips are here to keep you safe!

Be Honest
I am not saying throw out everything about your past relationship, but add to your online profile your relationship past. People want to know if you are divorced, separated, widowed etc. Saying something like, “I am new to the online dating world” is okay to use when you are new to it. Everyone was new at one time!

Be Cautious
Like the offline world, the online dating world is full of cheaters, liars, etc. Be cautious when you are looking at profiles and responding to messages. Starting out and being on the rebound can lead to you becoming vulnerable to every person who will give you attention. This can lead to trouble if you are not careful.

Do not give out all your information
There is a reason online dating services keep a lot of things hidden. Building trust in an individual takes time. Take time to get to know someone before they know your phone number because you may regret it later.

Have a Friend Look Over Potentials
If you are truly interested in someone, and on the rebound, check with a good friend if the choice you are making is good. Friends can be brutally honest before you make big mistakes.

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