5 Ideas to Regenerate Romance

New relationships are always exciting, fun, and passionate. Yet many experience a fading of romance and passion as time progresses. If you see the signs early enough, then here are five things you can do to perk up the romance and regenerate that spark:

1. Secret Notes

Try leaving little love notes in unexpected places for your partner to find at random moments throughout his or her day. Drop a message in your partner’s briefcase before they head out to work, it will brighten up their workday and make them look forward to seeing you after work. Put a short love letter in their luggage before they leave for a trip, letting them know you will miss them and can’t wait until they return home. Write ‘I love you’ or draw a heart in steam on the bathroom mirror for the next time your partner takes a shower. Pin a note to the windshield of your loved one’s car for the next time they have to run an errand.

Going the extra mile by subtly reminding your significant other why they are significant to you can be a big help when trying to rebuild romance in your relationship. You will not only let the other person know you are thinking about them, but you will stay in their thoughts throughout the day as well.

2. Get More Physical

Remember the beginning of your relationship? Chances are you and your partner were all over each other, holding hands at every occasion, saying long, passionate goodbyes at the end of a date, and hugging each other at every opportunity. Revive the old days by getting more affectionate with your partner. Reach out and hold hands with your partner as you walk down the street, play footsies under the table at dinner, and give your loved one a long kiss goodnight at the end of your dates.
Getting more physical can certainly help revive romance that has been diminishing. Chances are, your partner will pick up on your signals and respond in turn with affection and romance.

3. Go On a Trip For Two

It is very easy to let everyday life get in the way of a romantic relationship. Sometimes you honestly feel like you don’t have time for romance. A great way to get away from it all and focus on rebuilding you relationship is by taking a trip together. Plan a vacation or weekend getaway (depending on how much time you have to spare) that involves a lot of private relaxation time and one on one interaction. Perhaps a weekend at a spa or a week on a tropical island will do the trick.
If day to day life is distracting you away from your partner, escape the distractions by literally getting away from it all. It can do your relationship a world of good and relax the both of you. You will spend the time focused on each other, not focused on work, school, or family issues.

4. Give a Gift

Remember, just because you have snagged your guy or girl, doesn’t mean you can stop wooing him or her. Some men and women need to be continually romanced in a relationship in order to feel loved and desired. Make your partner remember your courtship days by giving him or her a gift of appreciation. Gifts don’t have to be elaborate if you don’t have the budget for it. A chocolate rose, a small little trinket, or a CD made of your favorite love songs can do the trick.
Of course a strong relationship goes beyond material items and gifts, but, if romance is what you are looking to rebuild, a gift may be what you need to get those lovey dovey feelings flowing again. Don’t wait until an anniversary or birthday either. A gift for no apparent reason packs more of an impact than an expected gift.

5. Start Dating Again

No, I don’t mean go out and find someone new. I mean, take your loved one out on dates again. Couples that have been in a relationship for a very long time, especially those that live together, often forget about how fun dates can be. They will get into a rut of doing their normal thing ñ going out to their typical restaurant for dinner, renting movies, or going out for ice cream ñ but don’t underestimate the power of a real date when trying to reignite romance.
In the beginning of a relationship, many couples enjoy going out and doing new things together. It is fun and exciting to go on dates to places you have not been together. Try and do this again. Not only will going on dates to new places and on fun activities together help rebuild romance, it will also help create new memorable times together to reminisce about later.
Remember, relationships need to be continually nurtured and attended to in order to keep romance alive and thriving. These five tips may help you spark those romantic feelings again, but continual attention to your partner and being aware of the status of your relationship at any given time is necessary to keep those warm feelings burning inside of you and your partner.

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