The Unique Gift of Roses

Whether your going on a first date, celebrating your 10-year anniversary, or proposing marriage, roses can be the perfect gift to complement any romantic occasion. Giving the gift of roses provides a certain impression of elegance and class that can really impress your partner. Couples have been expressing their love to one another with roses for centuries. However, because it is such a common gift, you may want to put a bit more thought into how you can make your gift of roses unique. Don’t run the risk of looking cliche in the eyes of your date; add some creative thought to your gift. There are a few ways to give the elegance of roses and yet still make the gift creative:

1. Roses With a Message

One unique way to give roses as a gift is by putting a message directly on the petals of your roses. For a first date you can have a flirty ‘Hey Cutie’ written on the petals or, for a romantic time such as an anniversary, you can have ‘I love you’ written. You can even put ‘Will you marry me?’ on a rose as a unique proposal method.

2. Gold Trimmed Single Rose

Several florists (and even some jewelers) will sell roses that are trimmed in gold. While this will cost you a bit more than a dozen regular roses, a single gold trimmed rose can add a level of deep romance to your gift, not to mention creativity. An added benefit to a gold trimmed rose is that is lasts much longer than a regular rose. Roses are typically enameled and trimmed in gold to give them the look of fresh cut roses with the special sparkle of gold.

3. The Chocolate Rose

Many women (and some men too) love flowers almost as much as they love chocolate. Why not give two gifts in one with the chocolate rose! Gourmet chocolate and candy shops often sell chocolates that have been formed into unique shapes for special occasion gifts. One of those shapes is usually in the form of a single rose. You can buy one chocolate rose or buy a dozen and arrange them as if they were a bouquet of real roses. If your date loves chocolate she (or he) will undoubtedly be pleasantly surprised.

4. One Rose Stands Out From The Crowd
If you are planning to give the traditional gift of a dozen roses, but want to add that extra creative flair, go to your florist and buy a 11 red roses, and 1 uniquely colored rose. Roses can come in a variety of colors so make sure the single rose is enough of a contrast to stand out from the 11 red roses, but that the color does not clash with the other roses. When you deliver your bouquet tell your special someone that their amazing beauty makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd and that the single beautiful rose that is set apart from the group of red roses symbolizes that special beauty in your partner.

These are four distinctive ways to make your gift of roses have a stronger impression on your significant other. While roses are a wonderful gift to celebrate your loved one or a special occasion in your relationship, adding some creativity by using one of these ideas may help you better show what a unique impact your partner has had on your life and further emphasize how much you care for them. It will also create a vivid happy memory for your loved one to treasure for years to come.

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