Running with Dogs: Letting Your Pup Lead You to Your Soulmate

It usually happens when you least expect it, but it never hurts to make an effort when it comes to finding the love of your life. Of course, you can sit there waiting for the man or woman of your dreams to show up at the front door, or you can take the dog by the leash and get out there. Which route do you think might lead you to your soulmate faster?

Running with your favorite canine could lead you to your new love. Ever notice that when you are out walking or running with your dog, people stop you and say, “He’s so [cute, big, fluffy, friendly, sweet, goofy] and strangers suddenly become friendlier? This is especially true when you have a friendly, outgoing dog with you. You never know whom he’ll get excited about along the way, or whom he might run up to and start licking. Pay attention to that. Your dog is a great judge of character. If he’s excited about a potential love interest, you might be, too.

Having a dog means you are never alone. Use that to your advantage if you feel awkward about attending an event by yourself. Taking your dog to an outdoor festival, for example, increases your chances of meeting your one true love – or at the very least, somebody to hang out with who is fun and loves dogs just like you do. Many outdoor art or music festivals, or events at your local park, welcome all your four-legged friends.

Another idea for letting your pooch lead you to your paramour: take a new route. If you usually walk him around your own neighborhood, or along the same trail, go somewhere different. Your dog will love exploring a new environment and sniffing out all the new smells while you take in the scenery (i.e. other singles along the way). Smile at everyone you meet, and let your dog make the introductions for you. Amazingly, when you let Rover take the reigns (or the leash), he may just lead you to the human of your dreams.

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