Say No To Dull First Dates

First Dates You’ll Actually Want To Go On

Build some fun memories with our alternatives to the stereotypical dinner and a movie.

Game Night: Fun with a glass of wine or two. Order a pizza, dig out the old school board games from your childhood (think Operation, Twister, Guess Who?) and you’ll be surprised at how much fun you have!

Catch A Gig: Live music takes the pressure off a little bit. You can chat away over a drink but won’t have to fill the entire date with continuous conversation.

Zoo/Aquarium: There’s so much to see and talk about. Also, if you’re a little shy, watching animals is a great way to shake off the first date awkwardness – especially if you’re at the chimpanzee enclosure.

Adventure Activities: Challenge yourselves with activities like zip lining, segways and rock climbing. A fun day out requiring a lot of team work.

Sparkling Picnic: It’s a bit of a cliché but that’s because it’s fun, romantic and casual at the same time. Choose a pretty spot; both bring your favorite food and a bottle of bubbly – romantic and inexpensive!

Split Dating: Each person thinks of something to do for half the date. This way you both find out about each other as well as mix things up a bit!

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