Singular Sensations

Choosing to be single means you are responsible for your own happiness & so you have permission to impersonate Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and to get yourself exactly what you want for birthday present. Only you know what really makes you tick with satisfaction. Today’s singles make it a habit to indulge in random acts of selfishness. Try it & you’ll love it!

Singular Sensation #3

Fa la la la luscious! Take voice lessons. It will improve your speaking voice and give you renewed self-confidence every time you open your mouth.

Singular Sensation #10

Ultra-fabulous home-schooling. Host a private party with a guest chef from your local favorite restaurant. Or have the salsa teacher from the local dance studio add zest to your next themed gathering. You” have great fun learning the tricks of their trade.

Singular Sensation #28

Gold Rush. Buy yourself an incredible piece of j-e-w-e-l-r-y. Not costume, the real thing. Get some karats to match your sparkling personality. Make it special by having lunch first and then go shopping for the big bauble. Take your time to lust after several pieces before picking ‘the one.’

Singular Sensation #31

Bollywood Babe. Start belly dancing. Exotic movements, sensual music, and sexy costumes – what more could you want in an exercise? I found tons of information on classes and costumes as well as inspiration for getting started at and

Singular Sensation #55

Enjoy the Finer Things in Life. Every once in awhile elevate your taste level. Splurge on a great bottle of wine. Sample the caviar at a gourmet deli. Order the cheese plate at an upscale restaurant. Live the luxe life.

Singular Sensation #74

Away for Weekend. Skip the end of the year madness or plan a weekend away anytime of the year. Get a map and draw a two-hour drive-time radius and a two-hour air-time radius. Pack a bag and visit a not-so-far away spa, interesting neighboring city, shopping destinations, or beautiful beach. Welcome the year ahead with a weekend away.

Singular Sensation #90

Live to Love. Take the time each day to do one thing you love. It could be hanging out with friends, reading a great book, or cooking up a storm. The important thing is to open your heart to the people and things you love.

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