Ten Steps to Hosting a Sensational Singles Party

The #1 complaint of singles everywhere is where to go to meet someone new. Whether they’re 25 or 65, singles are always on the lookout for places to meet members of the opposite sex beyond the bar scene. Follow these steps for throwing a happening house party and set the stage for an intriguing singles scene.

1. The Date: Midweek gatherings are great prep for weekend fun. Gives guests a chance to make new friends for future activities. Weekend parties are ‘the date night’ of the singles week. Be prepared to meet higher expectations for romance. Heightened anticipation between the sexes will raise the bar and the sexual chemistry at your party.

2. The Invitation: Email may de rigueur for today’s party crowd but nothing beats the VIP feel of an offline custom invitation for building excitement. Depending on the size of the party you can use a mix of both. Create print invites with intriguing elements of the night to come. For example a luscious Valentine’s Day, place a gold paper crown and party invitation in scarlet script inside red foil hearts boxes. Tie with wired ribbon and address to the individual ‘King’ or ‘Queen of Hearts.’

Go glam with gilded boxes from the local stationary store filled with an inexpensive corkscrew, metallic shredded paper, and party details. Invite guests to arrive with a bottle of their favorite libation and ‘uncork the fun.’

Or for a Cinco de Mayo party purchase mini sombreros and
attach a tag which reads on one side ‘Don’t keep this under your hat.’ On the other side of the tag, print party details. If you can hand deliver a few invites, use full size toppers and invite guests to wear them to the occasion.
Use an online service like Evite.com to spread the message virally for large gatherings.
Don’t forget to follow up with a phone call to get an accurate guest count and to convey last minute details.

3. The List: Who ya gonna invite. Depending on the size of the space and the experience you want to create. Invite the number the space holds plus 20% to achieve a pleasant crush. If you bump into someone your eyes meet and you have to say something. An enthusiastic ‘Hello’ is the best line ever invented. Plan on having guests stand versus sit, it makes mingling moves easier. Do have something strategically placed seating for more intimate conversations. You don’t want guests heading to your bedroom for a more intimate chat.
Keep the numbers of the opposite sex as even as possible but don’t stress out too much. Remember women tend to RSVP early. Men often don’t make plans till the last minute so expect a testosterone surge the day of the party. Encourage friends to invite their other single friends to fill out the numbers.

4. The Scene: Create a va-va-va-voom valentines love fest in passionate shades of red, purple, or pink. Skip the traditional hearts and flowers. Fill large glass vases with feather boas and feather ticklers. Scatter printed teasers like: ‘Tickle me’, ‘Come Play Dress Up’, ‘Blame It on the Boa’, ‘Flirt Like You Mean It’ and ‘Dance With Me’ near flickering candlelight votives around the room.

5. I.D. required: Make it easier for people to meet – create flirtatious name badges from blank buttons printed with catchy phrases like ‘Will ____ for food’ , ‘For One Night Only I’ll______’ , ‘Meet me, I’m_______’ ‘Will flirt for _____’ ‘_____ seeking same.’ Have guests fill in the blanks and write his or her name with permanent markers. Or create VIP pass lanyards with party theme and space for their info. Does double duty as a great party souvenir.
Make sure to introduce guests to each other as soon as they arrive ñ biggest fear of singles ‘I won’t know anyone.’

6. The Fun Factor: Icebreakers are key. Singles often seem to be at a loss for words when trying to engage other singles. Give them something to talk about. Whether the theme is ‘Playing Games’ and you decorate the walls with twister sheets and monopoly boards. And the icebreaker requires guests to ‘make their move’ by collecting game tokens from the other partygoers.
Or ‘singles bingo’ where each person receives a game card with interesting facts about the other guests. The object of the game is to find the person who fits the description on the board. Winner covers their board with signatures.

Or give the more ‘traditional’ nuts and bolts game a twist. Pick up assorted screws and bolts at your local hardware store. Give the women the screws and the men the bolts watch the chaos and chemistry increase as individuals try to find their match. The spirit of competition always draws people in.

7. The Drink: Create a signature drink. It’s a great conversation starter. Takes the load and expense of a full bar off the host. You can chill the concoction in advance in pitchers. Get a colorful collection of inexpensive ice buckets and let guests add ice and serve themselves. Make sure to print up drink recipe cards for those who want to relive the evening at home. And the after party buzz is sure to mention your bartending brilliance.

8. The Food: Make your own is another easy way to be the hostess with the most fun food ideas. Whether guests are customizing their own shish kabobs, finger food wraps, or ice cream sundaes, it mean less work for you and more interaction for them as they compare notes on their creations.
Strategically placed mini-bites throughout the room are also great for singles mingling. Even if they’re hungry they, they don’t have to break a great connection if a tasty morsel is never too far away. Also if they’re feeling the need to escape a conversation, they make a run for the dessert table across the room which they haven’t sampled.

9. The Music: Engage in sound management. Pump up the volume for first arrivals. The music will fill the empty space and keep early guests from feeling that the party hasn’t started yet. As the numbers increase make sure you turn the volume down. They shouldn’t feel the need to compete with the music when making a great impression.
Skip the slow jams in favor of up-tempo beats. Even if they’re not dancing a little sway in their hips makes everyone’s lips look more attractive and approachable.

10. The Finale: Make sure you’ve got blank paper and pens strategically placed throughout the space. There’s nothing worse than finally getting there and not having the proper equipment to seal the deal. Your guests will silently thank you for being so thoughtful.

Bonus: The After Party Scene: Be prepared to field the can-you-get-me-his or-her-number voice mails. Your guests will undoubtedly cast you in your new role as matchmaker. You can play post office and pass messages along but don’t divulge guests’ personal information no matter how certain you are the parties belong together.

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