The Meaning of a Kiss

The meaning of a kiss? The million-dollar question in relationships. I think you need to put it in the context of the relationship you are in and the person you are in the relationship with. If you are in a settled relationship compared with a new relationship that meaning can be somewhat different obviously but the personality of the person you’re with has a lot to do with what it means to them too. Let’s have a look at the various meanings of that glorious, or not so glorious, kiss.

The Old Romantic

If your love is the romantic, tactile type then you’ll be very happy been showered in kisses! The old romantic takes love seriously and their kisses will be filled with warmth, passion, and love. Embrace it but make sure to show them unlimited affection back. Make the effort to even if you aren’t the most romantic in nature yourself. The romantic type will be like this whether it is a new relationship or a committed relationship but as the relationship grows and progresses their kisses will become more and more meaningful.

The Lustful Type

The lustful type in a relationship in its fancy is to be taken with a pinch of salt but enjoyed nonetheless! As time goes on these kisses will turn from lust to love if the relationship gets more serious. Just give it time. The lustful type takes their time to let love into their hearts but when you are the one for them they will certainly let you know about it! And their kiss will be one way they do!

Types of Kisses

There are many types of kisses from the full-on lingering, passionate kiss to the soft, gentle kiss. There are public shows of affection and private shows of affection.

Full-on Kiss

The full-on kiss brimming with passion is a sign of true love. They don’t want their lips to leave yours and it is rather intense and beautiful where for that time you are both each other’s entire world, caught up in a moment and deeply connecting through the power of the kiss.

Soft Kiss

The soft, gentle kiss is one which a lot of couples in love use. It is the point where they are really comfortable together but ironically it is also the kiss which many people use as their first kiss because they are awkward and unsure how to approach this big moment in their relationship.

Public Kiss

The public kiss can be taken one of two ways and depending on the person you are involved with, you’ll know the difference and their motivations. One way is to show off that they have someone who is on the negative side but on a more positive side, others do this because they are proud to be with you and don’t care who knows you are together.

Private Kiss

A lot of people don’t like the whole public display of affection but it doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Like the public kiss though it can take two ways and again it will depend on the person you are with. It will be easy for you to know whether they are kissing you privately because they don’t believe in or are awkward with PDA or whether it is because they aren’t proud enough of you to kiss you in public.

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