Tips for Dating With Tinder and Other Mobile Apps

There was a time when to date, two people had to meet each other in person; then came online dating; and now online dating has a new branch, it’s dating through mobile applications.

The last couple of years have witnessed launch of a number of such apps; the best thing about the majority of those apps is that they can be downloaded free of cost.

While Tinder is probably the most popular free dating app, there are many others of its kind that are also used quite extensively; examples include Hinge, OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, Plenty of Fish, and so on.

Below are some tips that one must follow when dating with Tinder and other mobile apps.

Pick the right photos: You must pick your photo carefully irrespective of the dating app you are using; a good photo is a great way of grabbing the attention of potential dating partners. However, having the right pictures becomes even more important if you are using Tinder, which is a photo-based app.

On Tinder, your chances of finding a perfect match depend mostly on your profile pictures. A bad profile picture might stop your prospective matches from showing more interest in you.

Ideally, the first profile picture you upload on Tinder should be an attractive photo of your face, the second profile picture should display your stature and the third one can showcase your lifestyle or hobby.

One thing you should never do, particularly if you are a woman, is uploading photos of yourself as a kid; posting selfies and cheesy tit-shots should also be avoided.

Be careful when writing your profile description: When you are serious about dating, you should never try to create a mysterious aura around yourself.

Keep in mind that even though you are using a dating app, your ultimate goal is meeting people face-to-face; so, there’s no point lying or portraying yourself as someone you’re not.

If everything about you is not good, make a list of the most interesting facts about you and include them in your profile description. Don’t hesitate to show off the most fascinating facades of your life, for instance if you have an exciting job or hobby, talk about it in detail.

You can be a little witty too as people with a bit of wit are always more popular.

Always respond: You have received a message on Tinder (or any other mobile dating app you are using), but the person sending the message doesn’t appear to fascinate you much. In such situations, instead of avoiding sending a reply, you must let the other person know that you are not interested.

Learn to time your messages: This tip is particularly important for women; however, under certain circumstances, men should also be careful about the timing of messages they send.

If it’s a weekend, women should avoid initiating the texting spree after 10 p.m., they can do it only if they are looking to hook up.

Hope these tips help you to get a perfect match on Tinder or any other mobile dating app in operations right now. Just make sure you don’t rush things too much; keep in mind the old adage: “slow and steady wins the race”.

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