Top 10 Tips for Successful Dating

What does successful dating mean? The answer to this question depends upon your own view of life and the goals you set for yourself when dating. There are those for whom a date is successful solely if it is a gateway towards a long term relationship and even marriage. Others might consider it a disaster if it did not end up in bed. For some, a date is successful if they had a good time. Although there is no guarantee that the following tips will turn each date into a blast, they will certainly help you reduce your dating failure rate.

Adapt your expectations to your purposes

As with any other project you get involved into, your expectations from the person you are dating or from the date itself should be adapted to your objectives. If you are looking for a one-night-stand, don’t examine your partner as if you were going to spend the rest of your life with him/her.

Make a selection of your dating candidates

If you want to increase your success rate, don’t date anyone who seems available. Cut off from the list of potential dates all those with whom you don’t have anything in common.

Be yourself

A date is not the opportunity to display your theatrical skills. Act naturally and don’t try to pretend you are something else than you really are, especially if you are looking for a long term relationship. The truth will come out eventually and the other will feel trapped.

Keep things simple

The most successful dates are the simple, casual ones. If it’s not a first totally blind date, think about your common interests and come up with some activities oriented ideas that might appeal to both of you.

Focus on the present

Don’t bring the past into the conversation on a regular basis and don’t turn complaining about your failed relationships into a habit. While it is important that the two partners share things about their background, no one wants to be compared with an ex. The future is a delicate subject as well. Don’t bring it up unless you are sure that both you and your dating partner are ready for such a topic.

Look your best

No matter what people say, a first date is always about appearance and general impression. Therefore, arrange yourself accordingly: put on some make up, wear something that looks good on you and smile. However, don’t stop taking care of yourself when you think you are in a relationship.

Keep your feet on the ground

No matter how great your date seems, remain realistic. Don’t jump into bed, at least not on the first date. Don’t start talking about wedding and children just because you like the same movie.

Prepare yourself for the date

Date preparation does not include solely being clean, smelling good and looking smart. If you haven’t been dating for a long time, think about topics of conversation so that you avoid the risk of long awkward silences.

Go beyond appearances

Just because people pretend to be smart, honest and single, it doesn’t mean they really are. Without ridiculously suspecting everything and everybody, try to spot out the liars and to gather enough information in order to have a personal opinion.

Don’t over-date

No matter why you are in the dating scene, don’t become desperate and don’t overdo it. Dating everyone around you does not increase your chances of success. Plus, you will seem much more interesting if you have some other social life besides dating.

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