Top 5 Excuses for Being Late to a Date

The worst part about being late for a date is coming face-to-face with the person who has been waiting on you. While it may be hard, honestly is always the best policy. Plus if your date is truly understanding, he/she will completely give you the benefit of the doubt. Below, are five credible excuses for being late to a date.

Misjudged timing
You’ve googled the meeting place several times, memorized the route, left a few minutes early yet you still are late. Whether it was heavier traffic or you hit every red light, misjudging the timing is an honest mistake that is easily forgivable.

Got Lost
To avoid using Suri, I oftentimes Google map my final destination and take a picture of the directions before I leave. While this allows for proper date preparation time, I never get properly warned when I should turn or where exactly my final destination is which in turn causes lateness. Again, being upfront about this usually makes for a good laugh.

Couldn’t find parking
Living in a city oftentimes means there is no parking. While it is ideal to choose a location within walking distance, oftentimes, the most fun date spots aren’t a convenient walking distance away. In this circumstance, it is best to find the nearest parking structure while making sure you give yourself enough time to arrive in a timely manner.

Pet got sick
Being a pet lover (hopefully your date is too), your pet is your child. While coming home to change outfits before your date and stumbling across your pet who seems to be under the weather, you naturally are going to comfort them. While this comforting may take longer than expected, both you and your pet will feel more at ease, especially since you night may be later than usual.

Work ran late
From last minute meetings to an impromptu project to getting lost in your work, it all happens to us. While this credible excuse works, make sure that it’s not turned into a habit as your date will see that for you, work is more of a priority than your relationship.

Whatever your excuse, it is important to inform your date that you will be late. Not only is this a nice gesture, but it shows that you are a caring person.

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