Top 6 Reasons Why Cooking is Hot for Romance

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”


As a self-professed foodie, I could cite numerous reasons, but here are the top 6 reasons cooking is “hot,“ particularly on today’s dating and mating scene.

1. Cooking provides the perfect “recipe” for romance.

Like most women, I love being wined and dined at fancy restaurants by male suitors as part of the courting process. But, as relationships evolve, there’s something very “intimate” about a home cooked meal shared in the privacy of one’s home— with candlelight, a little music, dancing and the ability to let your hair down as the situation dictates. Whipped crème anyone?

2. Cooking at home is often healthier than restaurant eating.

When eating out, many times foods are processed, served with rich and fattening sauces, fried in excess fat, “super sized” and without proper preparation for those with dietary restrictions and food allergies. Dining out can be costly in more ways than one.

3. Culinary skills add to any woman or man’s romantic resume.

Think of it as increasing your “Blue Book” value in the dating market.

Here’s what a male writer recently wrote: ”The number of women these days that openly admit they can’t cook is astonishing. When a woman says she can’t cook, the first thought that comes to a lot of good men’s minds is “How the hell do you take care of yourself and how would you be able to take care of me?”

4. Cooking allows you to be more independent and more realized as a woman.

No more waiting for your mom to fix your favorite meal, or hoping that your neighborhood restaurant will have it on Monday’s menu, or dialing for take-out; you can fix it yourself!

5. Cooking seduces all the senses.

From the pleasant aromas, to the eye-appealing arrangements on the plate, in a variety of colors and textures, to the heavenly taste— a good meal can satisfy those we care for on so many levels.

6. Cooking is a fun way to bond.

You can cook and he can make the salad. Feed each other, or perhaps share stories and traditions associated with family recipes. Cooking makes a man feel pampered and catered to. And if he’s special to you, isn’t that how you’d like for him to feel?


And there’s good news here: You don’t have to sign up for culinary school or subject yourself to endless trial and error; there are many online cooking sites that provide step-by-step tutorials to increase your cooking I.Q.!

Another useful strategy is to purchase cookbooks authored for children. They provide a great starting point for learning about kitchen safety, standard measurements, and easy to follow recipes.

Remember, cooking is a great way to be considered “hot“ and appeal to the appetite of today’s man!

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