Top Tips for a Great Kiss Which Feels Just Perfect

Kissing is an extremely essential part of any romantic relationship. Since the ancient times many relationship experts have talked about the importance of kissing and now the findings from a research have proved that the frequency of kissing is directly proportional to the stated level of satisfaction in a relationship.

During the said research it was found that 66% of women and 59% of men ended their relationships just because their spouse was not good at kissing. This shows how badly one needs to learn the art of kissing to make his/her relationship a long lasting one. Below are some useful tips for a great kiss.

– Try to avoid kissing in public. Yes, you can definitely go for the quick pecks publicly, but it’s always wise to avoid being too passionate out in the open. Passionate kisses should adorn your private moments and so it’s better if you indulge in them behind closed doors or when there’s nobody to see you. Kissing in private allows both partners to be at their passionate best, which is the main ingredient of a great kiss.

– People involved in romantic relationships often find it difficult to understand what exactly they should do with their teeth when kissing. If you cannot manage your teeth when kissing, you are definitely a bad kisser. The problem seems to be pretty simple, but actually it is extremely difficult to overcome it.

– To make sure that your teeth don’t end up hurting your partner or stop from being passionate enough when kissing, you must be as gentle as possible when squeezing your partner’s lips between your teeth. Then, slowly pull them (the lips of your partner) backwards and allow them to slide smoothly through your teeth. The act is not too difficult, what’s difficult is staying alert without allowing your partner to understand that you are conscious about the position of your teeth.

– Great kissers always prefer to make eye contact with their partner when kissing. Yes, there are times when kissers close their eyes to feel the moment, but that happens only if it’s a perfect kiss. To make the kiss perfect, you shouldn’t close your eyes as soon as your lips come in contact with that of your partner’s. Make eye contact; let the passion flow from your eyes to your partner’s; that’s the recipe for a perfect kiss.

– A great kisser never allows the experience of kissing to be boring for his/her partner. So, if you want to be a good kisser you must find ways to ensure that the act of kissing don’t become boring for your partner. One way of making kissing more exciting is by involving your entire body into the act. Caress the most erogenous parts of your partner’s body using your hands and gently massage his/her head, face and neck. Your partner will surely start enjoying the moment more.

To make a kiss, a great kiss, you must do things that turn your partner on. The job is not at all difficult; it just needs the right intent and a lot of passion

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