Top US Cities for Single Women

There are certain factors that make a place suitable for single women; great places to hangout, jobs that pay well, good looking and interesting single guys, healthy food are surely some of them. The cities these women choose to live in should have the majority of those factors if not all. The list of top US cities for single women you will find below has been prepared considering a range of such factors.

1. Chicago: Here, women can enjoy the perfect metropolis lifestyle; it’s a truly vibrant city, but is not arrogant like New York City. Chitown, as the locals fondly refer to the city as, is a hub of natural beauty, culture and history. Once you are in this city, you will just hate to leave it; it is laden with trendy neighborhoods and gorgeous beaches.

So, how good is Chicago exactly for single women? Oprah Winfrey, the most celebrated single women in this planet, lives here; this should affirm that the city is exciting enough for you to live.

2. Los Angeles: If you want to enjoy life to the fullest as a single woman, you can consider living in Los Angeles. This mystical land is filled with good-looking and elegant men; so, once you are here, finding someone interesting to hang out with will not be a problem.

Another big plus of the city is the incredible climatic conditions it enjoys all through the year. Favorable climate will always keep you in high spirits and you will have the energy to make the most of the time you get after work. L.A. will let you do everything from celeb sightings to shopping to hitting the beach.

3. Boston: Single women find Boston welcoming irrespective of the age group they belong to. For students, the city has prestigious universities where they can get themselves enrolled at. If you love shopping and always want to wear something trendy, there’s Newbury Street, a perfect place for buying designer garments.

If you are one of those who love roaming around and having fun, the city has numerous historic streets, museums, galleries, auditoriums and parks.

4. San Diego: San Diego has always been a city hosting some of the most breathtaking sites you will ever come across. So, if you are single and want to have some pleasing moments in your life, you can consider moving to San Diego.

The city is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, deserts and mountains; this means, when it comes to suitable places to go for dating, there are ample options to choose from. San Diego is also home to a really bustling Downtown.

5. Las Vegas: Your chances of getting a suitable partner is probably the highest if you are in Las Vegas. According to a 2013 article published on Forbes, this Nevadan city has the highest number of single men for every single woman living in it; for every single woman, the city has 1.34 men. This feature of the city makes Las Vegas the 5th entrant in this list of top US cities for single women.

All women out there who are single and planning to settle down in any of the above cities will surely have a rocking life.

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