Top US Cities to Be Single

With the constant emails, announcements, and Facebook notifications about new relationships, marriages, and pregnancies, it seems as if everyone has found “the one”. Even going out to bars seems as if everyone has coupled off but you. With this frustration we know what you are thinking, “where are all the single people?”

Fortunately, has compiled data to determine the best cities to find singles. From analyzing the percentage of unattached men and women to nightlife to safety to different entertainment venues, this survey found the top 10 cities perfect for singles.

1. San Francisco, California with 38% of the population being single
2. Manhattan, New York, 38% single
3. 38% of Washington D.C.’s population is single
4. 33% represents Boston, Massachusetts’s single population
5. Seattle, Washington, with 30% singletons
6. 26% of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s population is single
7. Minneapolis, Minnesota, 25% single
8. 24% of the population in Portland, Oregon are single
9. 23% of Jersey City, New Jersey represents singles
10. Chicago, Illinois with 23% of its population being single

Of course, knowing these cities and statistics is the first step. It is important that you put yourself out there in the right scene. From nightclubs to dive bars to art museums to happy hours to trivia nights to local festivals, all are great venues that these cities house that attract singles. Signing up for night classes at a local university, going to charity events, or joining a young professionals group are more ways to find “the one”.

Remember to be your most confident self and who knows maybe next year your holiday card will be an engagement announcement.

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