Want To Date Your Dream Woman? Learn From Ants

How many times has this happened to you? Your friend and you are standing at a bar and you see an attractive woman. You call dibs and then fail to come up with a line. You can feel that the woman wants to hear the line but then, well, you are tongue tied. Instead of being able to floor the woman you end up getting floored by your friend, “Cat got your tongue?”

Every man has had their share of crush in school. In your life too there was this girl that you would want to do so much with – take her out, go to the movies, hold hands and generally have a great time. But you could never sum up the courage – either you thought you are not good enough or you would always see your dream woman in the arms of the school Adonis. And you silently gave up, only thinking about her and sighing.

Completely changing the topic – what do you know about ants? You haven’t really given these small insects any thought, have you? The first thing that comes to your mind when you see a colony of ants is to bash them.

But do you know that ants also teach us vital life lessons to floor a woman? Let’s see how.

Act #1 – Don’t wait for things to happen

Ants are constantly on the move; they are always doing something. Most women love men who take charge. So if you keep waiting for your dream woman to come to you and propose love, then you can forget most women you like. If you want to floor your woman simply walk up to her and say that you like her. In the worst case scenario she will say no.

Act #2 – Don’t give up

Ants don’t quit – they know their destination and they reach it amid failures and distractions. You had your first rejection? Don’t worry; it’s not the end of life.  Try again… Think of those movie heroes that ultimately managed to woo their women even when they were rejected time and again.

Act #3 – Be focused

Ants have goals and specific focus – they know if they can’t save for the harsher times they are bound to die. If you like a woman you would want to floor keep getting back to her. Just ensure you change your lines and style.

Act #4 – Save your lines

Ants eat some of their food and they save some. As far as that woman is concerned you should not empty all your ammos in one go. Be funny; be creative and be original and ultimately she will be yours.

Not feeling anymore that ants are insignificant, are you? Yes, they teach us many vital lessons of life, including the most primitive one of being able to attract a woman by flooring her. If you have this woman you want to floor simply act like the ant here. Then come back and tell me if you are still sighing as your dream woman is whisked away by another Adonis.

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