What Do Women Want in a Relationship?

According to a study conducted in 2012, 41% first marriages, 60% second marriages and 73% third marriages in the United States end in divorce. These are really alarming numbers and show that men and women in the US are struggling to have really strong relationships. For a relationship to be strong, both partners must understand each other’s needs perfectly. So, here are certain things women look for in a relationship.

Love: You might be thinking one doesn’t need to be a woman to look for love, but we couldn’t move forward without mentioning “love” as women just love to feel loved. It doesn’t mean that a woman wants the man in her life to make public display of affection at regular intervals, but just wants him to depict his love for her subtly through actions and words as frequently as possible; occasional public display of affection isn’t bad either. So, if you are a man, to maintain a strong bond with the woman you love you must keep on reminding her how much you love her through words and actions.

Security: The journey of life is not easy for anyone, irrespective of gender, but for women the journey is usually even tougher. They tend to face different safety issues almost all through their life, a large share of which is related to their sexuality.

For women in the US, sexual harassment is not something unfamiliar. A nationally represented telephone survey involving 612 adult women conducted in June, 2000 revealed that almost all of them have faced street harassment at some point in life. Around 87% of American women aged between 18 and 64 years were found to have the experience of being harassed by a male stranger.

This high probability of getting harassed leaves women extremely insecure. So, they want a partner they can trust completely. Women yearn for partners who will play the role of a perfect protector and make them feel secure.

As a man if you succeed in making your spouse feel secure, you will soon see her opening up to you both sexually and emotionally. This will automatically make the bond between the two of you even stronger.

Humor: Humor is extremely important for women. Women always look for men with a bit of sense of humor i.e. men who can make them laugh. According to a survey carried out by MarketTools Inc, 58% women want their partners to have sense of humor. So, a man looking for ways to make his spouse happy and content should try to be at his wittiest best.

Respect: Although we are mentioning it last, respect is in all probability the most important thing to have in a relationship for the majority of the American women. The survey by MarketTools Inc revealed that 84% of women feel that for a relationship to be successful, getting respect from the partner is extremely important.

You must be wondering “what about physical appearance”? Yes, women love to have husbands and partners who are attractive, but for them it is never one of the first qualities to look for in a man.

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