What Do Women Want in Their Perfect Man?

Women always want the man in their life to have certain qualities. The list is not pretty long, but often it becomes difficult to find all these qualities in a single man. So, if you have the majority of the qualities discussed below, your chances of wooing women and making them happy will be much more than men lacking those qualities.

Smell good and have good sense of dressing

Women just hate men who smell bad. So, never forget to sue a deodorant when going out with a woman. Make sure the deodorant you used smells good on you. The smell a perfume or deodorant creates after coming in contact with your body is a combination of its aroma and your body odor. So, a deodorant or perfume that smells great on a friend of yours might not make you smell that good. So, go for a tried and tested option; let wisdom prevail when making the choice of deodorant.

Women love to be with men having good sense of dressing. For most women, poorly dressed men are big turnoffs. To impress women men should always stay up-to-date with the fashion trends and keep on making changes in the way they dress. However, a man should only wear outfits that look good on him, not something experimental that doesn’t complement his body type.

Traditional can be sexy too; so, if you are not keen on wearing trendy clothes, try out the old, but can’t go wrong combinations like tee and denim (choose the colors wisely, blue denim always works best).

Be transparent, but remember too much honesty can be harmful

Women always want to be an essential part of her man’s life; she can’t tolerate lies about important matters. Thus, a man must always try to maintain a very transparent relationship with his wife or girl friend. Men should never forget to share all the experiences they had or are having in life, good or bad with the woman in their lives.

However, there’s a twist in the tale; while you should be transparent to the woman you are in a relationship with, you cannot afford to be brutally honest. Learn to praise her even when she is not looking the best; never call her overweight even if she has gained 10 pounds; avoid calling her a bad cook even if she actually is. Follow these suggestions and you will have a happier life for sure.

Be compassionate

Women like men who love babies and never shy away from helping the elderly. In other words, women want the man in their life to be compassionate. Try to be a man who sets good examples, someone who is admired by people around him, a man who is appreciated by elders.

Often men commit the mistake of being spiteful and unkind just to prove that they are strong. For women being strong means, being caring and compassionate and having the ability to protect.
Do you have these qualities? If not, try to develop them; you will not need to put in much effort as developing these qualities is much easier than building a perfect body or learning a dance step.

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