What To Do On A First Date By Zodiac Sign

First dates are always nerve-racking for a variety of reasons. You’re excited to have the date, and the possibilities of what’s to come, but you worry about making a good impression. Part of making a good impression means planning a date that the other person will enjoy, but how can you do that when you don’t know much about them yet? If you know their zodiac sign, try utilizing that to help you plan the perfect date. Read on:


If you’re going on a date with an Aries, make sure it’s going to be action-packed. An Aries can’t stand sitting still for very long, and needs to be doing something at all times. Doing a strenuous activity outdoors, like hiking or biking, could work for them. If you want to stay indoors, try indoor rock climbing. Make sure you go from one part of the date to the next quickly without spending too much time in transit or in any one place or they’ll lose interest fast – before the date is even over!


If you’re going on a date with a Taurus, know that they’re the sign that rules the senses, so doing anything that will engage their senses works best. Go to a nice restaurant that has rich foods, attend a wine tasting, spend the night dancing, or go to a concert. Wherever you go, be ready to spend money because Taurus loves luxury. Being an earth sign, they don’t mind having a nice picnic outdoors as long as there aren’t a lot of bugs around, so if you go that route, bring some citronella candles.


If you’re going on a date with a Gemini, take them somewhere cool, casual, where there are a lot of people around to keep them mentally stimulated, and where you can have lively conversation. Keep topics light and roll with it when they quickly change subjects. They don’t mind any place that’s noisy or really busy, like a club, and actually like that. They may say they like adventurous things, but this sign thinks they’re more adventurous than they actually are, so don’t take them too far outside of their comfort zone.


If you’re going on a date with a Cancer, bring them somewhere that is familiar to them, somewhere you know that they’ve been to before. They need familiar surroundings to make them feel comfortable and allow themselves to open up to you. A quiet restaurant is likely your best bet, especially if they serve comfort food and have couches instead of hard chairs. Tell the waiter not to bother the two of you too much so they have plenty of time to become comfortable with you, and the two of you can connect emotionally.


If you’re going on a date with a Leo, this is the sign that loves drama, so try going to a movie or the theater. If you go to the movies, make sure it’s the latest flick with a star, and if you go to the theater, make sure it’s the hottest show out there right now. They like to feel in with the in crowd, so wherever you go, make it a hot spot. If they’re super flirty with not just you, but everyone you come in contact with, feel free to show a little jealousy. They actually like that.


If you’re going on a date with a Virgo, don’t do anything too big or flashy, and don’t take them anywhere noisy or busy. Make it a quiet place where they can hear their thoughts. They’re very practical, and may not get it if you do anything flamboyant, no matter how romantic you think it is. Virgo is the sign of health, so try a restaurant that serves healthy foods, or go to the gym with them. Make sure you soothe their insecurities quickly, especially about their bodies, so pay them some earnest compliments.


If you’re going on a date with a Libra, take them to an art museum, art gallery, or art exhibit. This is the sign that appreciates artistic expression the most. You can do something artistic with them, like going to a pottery glass or to a glassblowing studio. They’ll enjoy the act of creating something with you. You can also try going to the newest, trendiest spot in town, whether it’s a restaurant, club, or park. Libras like one-on-one attention, so even if you’re surrounded by people, keep your eyes on them.


If you’re going on a date with a Scorpio, stick to places with dark lighting. They’re attracted to the dark, so no day dates. They can be night owls too, so feel free to start the date late. They like science, so you can try a science museum, especially once most of the people have gone and they can be completely alone with you. They also like the darker side of life and taboo subjects, so if you can take them somewhere dealing with sex, death, or blood and guts, they’ll probably squeal with glee.


If you’re going on a date with a Sagittarius, be open to an adventure. This sign loves to do things on a whim, so whatever you plan probably won’t actually happen. You’ll start out okay, but then veer elsewhere, so roll with it. Sagittarius loves other cultures and countries, so take them to a restaurant that serves exotic cuisine, and if you can take a trip, do it. Whether it’s nearby and you stay a few hours, or you hop on a plane and cross an ocean, they’re up for the ride. Something extreme could also work, like skydiving.


If you’re going on a date with a Capricorn, make it as traditional as you can. Dinner and a movie is a-okay with this sign. They don’t like being pushed outside of their comfort zone, and want to do what they already know well. Stick to what is normal for them and stay away from crazy. If you can take them to a dinner party where lots of successful, important people will be, that’ll score you some serious points. They love to hobnob with people up the social ladder.


If you’re going on a date with an Aquarius, make it as unconventional as you can. This sign loves things that are unusual and different from anything they’d normally do, so push as far outside of your comfort zone as you can. They’re also comfortable in a group date, mostly because they want to be friends with you first so they try to keep it casual. Go to places that are eco-friendly, big on recycling, or where you can do some humanitarian work together, like picking up litter, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or going to a charity dinner.


If you’re going on a date with a Pisces, know that this sign is super romantic, probably more than any other, so they’ll appreciate any sappy gestures. A romantic dinner where you’re serenaded and a string quartet accompanies you for a walk on the beach is something they’d love. Pisces does love the water, so you can go to a restaurant where you’ll have water views. They also love music, so try a concert, the symphony, or go out dancing. They really just want to be close to you. Oddball choice? The zoo. They love animals.

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