What To Wear On A First Date By Zodiac Sign

When you go on a first date, the first thing you probably think of as soon as you’ve secured it is, “What am I going to wear?!” Or at least, it’s one of the first things you think of. You want to be comfortable in what you wear, but you also want to make sure you don’t offend the person you’re going out with, and that they find you attractive. Find their zodiac sign below and get ideas for what you could wear that would keep their eyes on you at all times.

Your Aries date is the fieriest of the fire signs, which makes them respond well to the color red. The more bright and vibrant the red, the better. They want to see your body too, so wear clothing that accentuates the best parts of your body. If you have a great body, go for the tightest clothes you have. They want you super hot.

Your Taurus date is a practical earth sign, so they tend to prefer traditional attire. Pick one area of skin to show, and keep the rest covered. Makeup should be natural-looking, and jewelry should be full of beautiful stones. This sign responds well to colors that are common in nature, earth colors like muted greens or brown. The more you come across as an earth god/goddess, the better.

Your Gemini date is playful and fun, so dress in something cute and a little trendy. As an air sign, they like to keep up with what’s in and what’s not. They can have a childlike personality, so they may respond well to things that remind them of being kids/teenagers, like plaid skirts and varsity jackets. Try wearing bright, fun colors that stimulate their mind.

Your Cancer date is the sign of comfort, so you don’t have to dress up in anything too binding, wear heels too high, or put on a tie if you’ll keep fidgeting with it. If you’re completely comfortable in what you’re wearing, that’ll come across to them. Try to avoid bright colors or anything that’s really wild and out there that could scare them away.

Your Leo date wants to feel like they have the hottest date in the room, the one everyone has their eye on, so glam it up. They want you to look as glamorous as you can. You could even be borderline tacky/gaudy. Layer on the jewelry – the more bling, the better. They like red because it attracts attention, and gold and purple since they’re the colors of royalty.

Your Virgo date doesn’t care much about designer clothes or handbags or any of that. They’re the biggest concern is that you smell good, clearly took a shower beforehand, and aren’t wearing too much hairspray, makeup, or look like a doll. Hygiene is number one for this sign. Keep your outfit simple, sleek, and stick to neutral colors. They’re easily overwhelmed, so bright colors make them anxious.

Your Libra date is the most fashionable of all the zodiac signs, so you have to kick it up a notch. Pull out those designer clothes and put together a cool, trendy look. This sign rules the arts, which is why they’re so fashionable, and they expect you to look together and stylish. They like jewel tones, accessories, and beautiful jewelry, but not too much of it.

Your Scorpio date is the sign that rules the dark, so go for dark colors. If you can pull off head-to-toe black, go for it. They like you covered up but in tight clothing that reminds them of bondage (this sign has control issues). Go for a smoky eye, remembering that eyes are the window to the soul and they want to peer into yours intensely.

Your Sagittarius pet isn’t usually that into fashion and clothing, but they do want you to look good. They like bright colors and love clothing or jewelry that has a story to it. If you got it while traveling, or it came into your possession through some strange circumstance, throw it on and let it be a source of interesting conversation. They’ll end up finding *you* interesting.

Your Capricorn date is the most traditional of all the zodiac signs, so stick to traditional outfits. Ladies, pull out your LBD; gents, grab that suit and tie. Stay away from bright colors, and stick to dark neutrals, especially brown and black. Think about how you’d dress going to a political gala, and that’ll give you a good idea of how they want you to look.

Your Aquarius date is the most unconventional of all the zodiac signs, so feel free to play with your look and try something different. Dye your hair blue or pink, proudly tout that eyebrow or belly button piercing, or wear your recycled soda bottle jewelry. They don’t care about current trends, only the future ones, so don’t go with what’s in right now.

Your Pisces date is the ultimate romantic, so if you’ve seen an outfit on the cover of a romance novel or in a romantic film, it could work. They like ruffles, pieces with flow and movement, lace, and if you made it yourself, even better. They don’t mind keeping it casual though, and jeans and a nice shirt could suffice. Their favorite colors are pastels.

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