What Twitter Can Teach You About Love?

These days, social networking sites, are probably the places where people spend most of their time when they are free.

While it’s true that often the time spent on social media turns out to be useless with all the baseless chitchats and gossiping, at times people end up learning a lot of exciting and vital things from these websites. For instance, there are social network pages that offer new and innovative recipes, pages that educate people about latest fashion trends, and so on.

Then, there are some lessons one can learn just by being a regular user of a social network; below are some love lessons micro-blogging site Twitter teaches.

1. Love is not only about staying together:

This is one lesson Miley Cyrus gave us through Twitter during her breakup with boyfriend Justin Gaston in February, 2011. Announcing the breakup on the micro-blogging site, Cyrus said that true love can’t have a happy ending as true love never ends.

The former star of television series Hanna Montana added that letting go is another way of expressing love. This is a big love lesson for all, young or old.

If you love someone, you must know how to let him/her go. If a person doesn’t want to continue to love you or be with you, you should never want to make him/her do that forcefully; this is because if you love that person, you will surely want to see him/her happy.

2. There are certain things you should not mention when spending time with your partner:

Recently there was a hash tag trending on Twitter that helped people gather knowledge about things that shouldn’t be said on a date. The hash tag goes like this: #FiveWordsToRuinADate.

Users posted a number of suggestions about words that can ruin a date. Some of those suggestions were really worth remembering.

For instance, Matt Lieberman, who is a host for AfterBuzz TV, wrote that according to him five words that can ruin a date are “you kiss like my cousin”. What Lieberman wanted to say was it’s a big mistake to talk about your past relationships in front of your newfound love.

Another example is the tweet by Jeff Drake, a writer. The five forbidden words, according to him, are “my mom can drive us”. This statement can be a big spoilsport if uttered when spending time with your partner, particularly if you are a guy.

Yes, you surely have the right to love your mom, but most girls hate to see the man in their life bringing reference of their mom or even talking too much about her.

Enter the hash tag #FiveWordsToRuinADate on the Twitter search bar; you will get to see many such interesting and useful suggestions.

3. Little things can do wonders:

Love is about little things; at least discussions on Twitter suggest so. For instance, a tweet by Patama Posts suggests that girls love the experience of hugged from behind.

These little things can make your partner feel loved and Twitter teaches so many of them.

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