What Women Think About During Sex

While sex is a special, intimate, in-the-moment act, sometimes women’s minds tend to stray, no matter how great the sex is. Below are just some of the thoughts that can enter a women’s mind during intercourse.
TV Shows/Movies: Whether you have just watched a great movie or are in the middle of a TV series, sometimes reevaluating the plot and characters occurs during sex. We can’t help it if we have an “a-ha” moment in the middle of sex, it just means that the sex is that inspiring.

Dinner: Men, if you happen to sweep your lady off of her feet as soon as she enters the door from her work day chances are she will think about dinner while you are inside of her. We can’t help it if we are able to multitask, plus let’s be honest, sex usually works up appetites and knowing what you want to make will help get dinner ready that much faster.

Changing Positions: Let’s face it, sometimes we are off-sync with our partners. It’s especially worse when one partner is enjoying it more than the other. When ladies see their guys very into a certain position, they will not suggest a new one since our pleasure comes from making our man cum. When this occurs, thoughts of “He is too into this position to change. I have to pretend to be into it just as much as he is”, “why aren’t we doing that one new position we just tried and loved?”, and/or “shoot, why does this position hurt?” pop into our brain.

New Positions: While switching it up in bed is always a good idea, not all positions are as easy as they seem. It is important to have fun and laugh, especially when positions just don’t seem too work. From “He accidentally slipped it in the wrong hole” to “can one of us reach the lube without falling” to “I think I might fart if we keep going at it like this”, are all thoughts that can potentially go through women’s minds.

Orgasms: Ladies, we all know that sometime we cum before our man. While this might not be a frequent occurrence, it does happen from time to time. And while, even after our orgasm, the sex feels amazing, we also want to please our partner. It is in these moments when women think “If I moan louder, maybe that will help him cum”.

Pets: We all love our pets as they are a very special member of the family. Because of that we tend to keep the door open during sex as meows, barks, and scratching at the door during sex can interrupt the mood. However, with this choice comes the invitation that your furry friend may watch you having sex. It is when we catch their eye that we think “I can’t have sex with my pet watching me” or “Why is he/she moving closer to us? I don’t want our sex to get interrupted”.

Fear not, men as even as these thoughts go through women’s minds, the sex is still very enjoyable. And women, you need not worry as you are not the only one who multi-thinks during sex.

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