Why Tall Girls Date Shorter Guys

Who out there has ever dated a girl taller than them or a guy shorter than them? How did it go? Was it awkward or just comfortable? This issue has been boggling the dating scene for a while now, as some believe people should not date girls taller than them or guys shorter than them. It’s high time this theory was demystified with facts!

Ok, so maybe it could feel a bit awkward bending down to kiss a guy who is shorter since it’s believed that guys have to be taller? But where did that rule come from? Does it mean that short guys and tall girls should never date simply because of the rules in the dating scene?

What if the tall girl likes the short guy and vice versa? It should all boil down to personal preferences as there are those who actually prefer taller girls and shorter guys, believe it or not! And such people will go on with their dating, irrespective of what others say.

As long as a guy and a girl are comfortable with each other’s height, then no one else has the right to try to impose their opinions on them. It is necessary to have this theory demystified as some would still argue that it easier said than done, adding that guys are wired to always be taller than the girls, and will always feel awkward if they are shorter.

It is said that the guys won’t necessarily comment on it, but some remarks they make will expose how uncomfortable they are with the tall girl. There has never been anything attractive about a guy who is insecure about themselves.

Self-confidence always plays a big role in such cases. Since they also have to date, then short guys have to be confident in their own skin and quit worrying about their height. This can even score them a date with that tall girl whom they fancied, but never thought would go out with them because of their height.

Oh yeah, tall girls should not smile just yet as they also have a few things to learn themselves. Dating a shorter guy doesn’t give you the right to shove their height deficiency down their throat. Give the guy a break, its hard enough having to tiptoe so as to give you a kiss!

Tall, dark, and handsome does not have to be the norm. As much as height looks attractive, it should not be the deciding factor if there are characteristics that are more appealing.

Do not date the height, date the person! It is quite possible to find a guy who is tall, but with a personality or even attitude the size of a pea. Same goes for the girls. The height should only be a minor factor, not a deciding factor. If one happens to date a person with the height they desire, well and good. If not, it is still well and good.

For those who put height as the first priority when looking for dates, then they should think about themselves first as they could probably be the ones with a problem. Height cannot be controlled, but attitude can. Maybe this is the only way to have this theory of taller girls with shorter guys demystified.

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