Why You Shouldn’t Try To Change Your Guy

There is so much written about how you can change your man. How you can tame him and make him into the man you want him to be. But let’s be honest here, what is written always talks in the present and seems to gloss over the long-term consequences of such actions. The truth is that you only want to change a man because he isn’t right for you.

When you love or really like a guy you don’t want to change them. Even the things you hate about him you adore about him because they are the elements that make him exactly who he is. In addition in the long-term they will end up resenting you if you change them. And can you blame them? Would you like someone changing you lads and lasses? Deep down no matter who we are we don’t want half-hearted love. Love that is just settling for a guy who isn’t right for us. And the people who find this kind of amazing (Of course flawed but every relationship has it’s moments) love where you can be free, happy, secure in the knowledge that he loves you for you are brave. They don’t try to change the first guy they meet into someone he isn’t. They wait and they find that person who changes their world without needing to change themselves.

Love is about respect. You need to put in what you expect to get out. So if you don’t want him to change you then in turn you should have the respect not to change him. Besides if you really love him the idea of changing any part of him doesn’t cross your mind. I’m not saying that you won’t find a life-long partner by using the whole taming/changing approach but you won’t find true love that way. So the decision is with you. Do you want someone or the one?

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