Winter Date Ideas

The warm days of summer provide the perfect conditions for exciting romance and fun outdoor date ideas, but as the seasons change and the winter winds pick up, many couples may find it more difficult to come up with exciting date ideas when its cold, rainy, and, sometimes, snowy outside. Here are five winter date ideas to help keep those warm feelings between you and your sweetie burning even when it isn’t warm outside.

Winter Date Idea #1: Ice Skating

Wrap up in scarves and gloves and take your partner to the local ice rink for some fun winter-time exercise. Due to the cold weather, you and your loved one may have given up some of the outdoor date activities that would bring you together during warmer months. Don’t give up on outdoor activities just because its winter. Ice skating can be romantic (holding hands, picking her up when she falls) as well as great outdoor exercise.

Winter Date Idea #2: Christmas Light Gazing

Take advantage of all of the holiday house decorating during the Christmas season by planning a date to drive around your neighborhood looking at Christmas lights. You can keep warm in your car, listening to Christmas music or romantic tunes and share the joy of brightly lit houses with sparkling colorful lights and festive decorations.

Winter Date Idea #3: Snuggling By The Fire

What is more romantic than gathering under some warm blankets in front of a blazing fire? If you have a fireplace in your house or apartment, make a date with your partner to spend some cuddle time in front of a fire. You can make hot chocolate and keep warm by the fire at home or, if you don’t have access to a fireplace at your own home, go to a cafÈ or lodge with a fireplace and share a dessert and coffee while enjoying the warmth of the fire.

Winter Date Idea #4: Holiday Gift Shopping

Holiday gift shopping can be a stressful activity, but it doesn’t have to be. You can turn your holiday gift shopping into a fun couples activity. The key is to keep it light hearted. Plan a day of shopping in your favorite mall or shopping center, with a lunch break in between in order to sit and unwind a bit. Go with the intention of browsing around for gifts, picking up things here or there – don’t go with an agenda to find everything you are looking forÖthis could lead to stress or anxiety. Make sure you plan your shopping date far in advance of when you will be giving the gifts, so that you can take your time while you and your partner look around.

Winter Date Idea #5: Have a Snow Fight

Wrap yourself up in a heavy jacket, lace up your snow boots, and venture outside into the snow for the day. You and your loved one can spend the day
building snowmen, making snow angels, and having playful snowball fights. Enjoy the snow while you can, it doesn’t stick around all year, after all. It’s a great way to get exercise and afterwards you can head indoors for some hot cocoa.

Remember, just because the weather turns cold, it doesn’t mean your dates have to loose their warmth. You can have a fun and romantic time with your partner even when it’s snowy, stormy, or icy. Take advantage of the winter weather with fun in the snow and ice skating, keep warm in front of the fire, and participate in holiday activities like shopping and Christmas light gazing and your winter is sure to be full of warm and happy memories with your sweetheart.

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